Skhitzo – “Eternal Reflex” boasts high-quality characteristics

Skhitzo is another rapper with a strong will to rise to the top, in the Springfield, Massachusetts scene. He is one of many rappers of to release one of few excellent mixtapes in 2021. Filled with variety of themes, interlinking genres, mind-bending flows and an eye for creative and lyrical detail, the “Eternal Reflex” mixtape hits hard. Spitting a double-speed flow over monstrous synths and frantic drum patterns, Skhitzo asserts dominance over the record and enforces that he’s a rapper to be taken seriously.

Opening with the dark and eerie “Heavy Metal”, which is laced with haunting keys, glitchy basslines and ferocious bars and flows from Skhitzo, who shows off his undeniable energy. But this exciting mixtape boasts high-quality characteristics in several categories. By the time you’ve run through “Pho Eva” (Produced By Mass Ave Ent), “Inhale” ft. Jordeaux (produced by Mass Ave Ent), and “Authentic” ft. Rock Weilla, it becomes clear that Skhitzo is a particularly strong lyricist.

Skhitzo rarely misses the mark when it comes to his rhyming and flows, and can certainly hold his own in this when it comes to building verses that sync together and play off his competent and often catchy hooks. The beats on this mixtape surely get the job done and then some, when it comes to matching the tone and messages. This evident on “No Way” ft. SplytSecond, “Price Tags”, and “Eternal Symphony” ft. Young Cee. All of which showcase epic cinematic-styled production.

Unlike many other rappers around now, Skhitzo can actually spit, and not mumble words in an attempt to create an easy cash flow. Skhitzo pulls no punches, speaking his mind.  As the track title cites, he’s “On Another Level”.

The verses bring an infectious torrent of braggadocio delivering a balancing act of entertaining and hard-hitting bars. Following on from this, “Art Department” continues with the smart wordplay and endless energy. Skhitzo is just making sure that he is not to be taken lightly, not by his contemporaries, his critics, or the rap game at large.

On “Untouchable” Skhitzo once again presents himself as a dynamic rapping talent with mesmerizing flows, simultaneously showing a skilled ear for production and overall quality of sound. Though throughout the album, his music has a combative edge, Skhitzo also shows that he is capable of supplementing his raw energy with an enhanced attention to detail. He also brings a lot of personality to his verses, switching up his cadence and using a variety of vocal inflections to get his messages across.

The “Eternal Reflex” mixtape is a pure rap record. It’s fresh and forward-thinking, but firmly rooted in the core values of the genre. Make of it what you will, but you’ve got to hand it to Skhitzo. He showcases himself as an artist immensely respectful of his craft while elevating the art to unanticipated levels in an era far removed from the values of classic hip-hop. Hip-hop heads keeping an eye on Skhitzo will easily be able to acknowledge his talents.

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