Joemayk – “Suddenly” – intoxicating feelings of falling in love!

When you listen to “Suddenly”, by Joemayk, the love and respect for music is obvious. If the music displays those influential facets, the lyrics are just as unflinchingly honest. With thoughtful production, Joemayk shows true musicianship and vocal ability throughout this record. His voice at the forefront, and his organic rock sound mixes well with his deep and thought out lyrics. It is apparent he put every ounce of passion for music he has into this song. You can listen to “Suddenly” with ease, the same way you would listen to a timeless and classic record.

“Suddenly” once again shows that Joemayk is a masterful songwriter. His voice and guitar skills are only matched by his ability to write a hook. He is able to take his pop sensibilities and rock influences and combine them in masterful ways. All of which works incredibly well because of Joemayk’s songwriting prowess. With all of this being said, what draws people to Joemayk is his ability to craft a catchy chorus, but what keeps them around is how human his work is. He’s got soul and passion behind his voice.

Joemayk has managed to straddle longevity and accessibility by creating incredibly earnest music that is a joy to listen to and masterfully made. “Suddenly” does not break from that winning formula.  If you’re looking mind whirring complex compositions and even more complex metaphors, this is not the song for you. However if you want an emotionally stimulating track that leaves you with intoxicating feelings of falling in love, it doesn’t get much better than “Suddenly”.

That’s not to say that Joemayk produces simple music. However places a powerful emphasis on incredibly human and affecting lyrics, which impregnate “Suddenly” with heart-melting sentimental sensitivity. His voice inhabits a niche in the ear where we need truth and reliability. Something Joemayk presents on each new release. His music sticks with listeners on the strength of his old-school virtues. His songs are sturdy, melodic and honest, above all.

Supremely talented, and blessed with a voice that resonates, he sounds like a classic troubadour spreading his stories across the world. He makes the most of everything he has in terms of musical and lyrical skill, and it is pretty much irresistible on “Suddenly”. This song is delivered with the confidence of an artist who deserves the widest possible audience. Joemayk keeps building on all the good work he’s done before, delivering songs that keep soaring higher.

MORE ABOUT: Joemayk is a singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist based in London, he began his musical studies at age 8, and his musical career as a professional in 2013. Throughout this time he has participated in several musical projects, the most important being as a Spanish singing soloist under the name of Aaron Avanish. In 2018 he decided to launch his solo project in English, with the album “Drive Somewhere”. Currently based between Madrid and London, he continues with his musical production career collaborating with different artists, as well as his solo project under the moniker of Joemayk.


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