Lil Burpy – “The Come Up” finds him sounding like a seasoned veteran

 Lil Burpy is a 20 year old independent artist from Chicago, Illinois. His debut EP project “The Come Up” was recorded at Enviyon Studios, which is the same place Juice WRLD recorded his hit “Lucid Dreams”. Lil Burpy’s music is inspired by rappers like J. Cole, Twista, Joyner Lucas, Denzel Curry, and J.I.D. The rapper is a lyrical powerhouse, existing on the edge of the underground. His infectious, aggressive-yet-bubbly style is ready to make waves on the Internet, attracting the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

Combining his witty wordplay with spitfire raps that effortlessly bounce from track to track, makes Lil Burpy one of the more interesting pieces in the growing mosaic of this new era of rappers. “The Come Up”, takes a fine-tooth comb through his stylings, and finds him sounding like a seasoned veteran, expanding his rap repertoire rather than succumbing to the politics of covering all the bases on a debut.

The production’s capacity to challenge Lil Burpy abilities in a kaleidoscopic musical maze has him pushing his own skills through the roof. Opening with “Gotham”, the rapper quickly establishes his artistic status. It is an excellent look into the many cogs that make Lil Burpy’s wordplay work. It is the product of an artist who knows who he is and wants nothing more than to revel in it. His voice is magnetic, and his trickster flow lends itself well to his sharply pointed narratives.

On “Real” ft. King Los, the sensational vibe switch between the two artists is what makes it such an exciting track to listen to. Both rappers attack the beat with a beautiful, straight-talking jolt. It encapsulates their distinct energy and rhyming skills. Moreover it embodies the project; combative, empowering and unashamedly entertaining.

“Gucci Freestyle” is bristling and hard-edged while showing off a whole lot of charm. Bathed in affirmations, the track leaves no room for doubts on the receiver’s end. Lil Burpy’s menacing cockiness is enough to ignite interest in even the most stern of listeners, commanding that they heed his words. The track’s undeniable swagger is something splashed throughout the track list, and is thus a great way to maintain the mood of the record.

The EP closes with “Deathnote”, where Lil Burpy’s ability to juggle around rhymes and wordplay is magical. The track is stock full of raw lyrical forcefulness, and an infectious machine-gun flow. This is the sort of explosive performance that is downright unforgettable. That said, here we have a highly distinctive, idiosyncratic and talented performer who will no doubt find a desirous audience. If there is one thing Lil Burpy is going to do, it’s make an impact.

Despite “The Come Up” being his debut studio EP, Lil Burpy establishes himself as a dynamic, multidimensional artist. It’s hard to not be excited about his near future. There is little doubt that he has what it takes to be a serious part of the game. It will be interesting to see exactly how his career develops from here.


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