Marcelo Quinonez – “Phenomena” ft. Palmer – simultaneously bright and intoxicating

Marcelo Quinonez started writing music at the age of 16, and has since written over 300 songs, released 6 albums, and numerous singles. The a Canadian-American musician, songwriter and producer’s extensive library has garnered him over 80+ sync placements in TV and Film, as well as several original feature score compositions and several Best Original Score awards. Quinonez found success with his first band, Cuchata, blending a variety of styles including influences from his Nicaraguan heritage. The creative has since launched a solo career, his own publishing company, and also enjoys collaborating and producing for other artists. He has produced several songs for Victoria Justice and also finished writing music for a children’s TV series, and album by Baby Einstein.

Currently releasing a series of singles, Marcelo Quinonez crosses all kinds of musical borders – from indie rock to reggaeton and afrobeats to alt-pop – showcasing the extraordinary versatility of his craft. Gifted with masterful songwriting and a powerful voice, Quinonez knows how to write an affecting song and drive home its emotions with his distinctive, raspy and smoky tone.

With his latest single, “Phenomena” ft. Palmer Lee — which debuted 7th May — Marcelo Quinonez has once again truly mastered his craft, tugging at heartstrings with the lyrics and excoriating your soul with his vocals. The delicate grit of Quinonez’s voice is beautifully juxtaposed against the airy elegance of Palmer Lee’s croon, as the steady reggaeton sway of the beat, gently urges the rhythm along.

“Phenomena” opens with a powerful premise: “You and me, some kind of strange phenomena. Meant to be written in the stars above.  You and me, some kind of strange phenomena. Can’t you see, I will live and die for ya.” And by this time, both Marcelo Quinonez and Palmer Lee already have you hooked to their love anthem. The song’s vocal melody is incredibly catchy, and the rhythm is simultaneously bright and intoxicating.

“Phenomena” also evokes the wistfulness of its lyrics with the instrumentation, which is carefully nuanced and executed. Having said that, Marcelo Quinonez is an artist who needs no frills, he always succeeds on the strength of his vocals and his songwriting.

Something he accomplishes again on this track, meaning that the music and the second voice adds extra layers or aural gratification. And as such, transports “Phenomena” to an even higher level of achievement.

Marcelo Quinonez’s voice is one that captivates you immediately. There’s something about his voice that just transports you to a different place and it moves every single part of your soul. The deep groove, Palmer Lee’s exquisite vocals, and the almost ethereal vibe of “Phenomena”, does the rest in reeling you in and not letting you go until the song is over.  Quite frankly, the song, and performances are flawless. There’s nothing here to pick fault with.

“Phenomena” ft. Palmer Lee is surprisingly emotional, heartwarming and just…well, captivating. A master of his craft, Marcelo Quinonez shows that an artist and songwriter can be impactful without being musically overwhelming or overwrought. He keeps building on all the good work he’s done before, delivering songs that keep soaring higher. He’s one of the best in his class.


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