Papa Roy Foundation – “Can’t Stay Here” – both timeless and a perfect snapshot of the era in which it was created

Following every move Papa Roy Foundation make is like being guided through a twisting universe of dancefloor groove, radio-pop melody, and streetwise rap; you don’t quite know where you’re going next, but you know that it’s a journey you’ve committed to and, above all, it’s immensely intriguing. What’s the appeal? Its retro-futuristic aesthetics and musical creativity combine to make something intensely addictive and satisfying, but it’s still inherently hard to put your finger on what exactly it is. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it; to be able to smash through paradigms in unexpected and innovative ways is to provide the ultimate sense of escapism.


The single “Can’t Stay Here”, is the second track to come from the forthcoming album ‘Out of the Darkness’ which is expected to drop later this year. The UK collective, Papa Roy Foundation, made up of Rouge, Skxllzy, Marc and Papa Roy, are blessed with an ability to make music that is both timeless and a perfect snapshot of the era in which it was created.

Even more than their previous project, “Can’t Stay Here”, commits itself as a lively celebration of music. In an era where human connection is to be cherished more than ever, there’s something special about hearing Papa Roy Foundation’s vocalists working side by side like a tag team, as they flip between rapping and singing.

Notwithstanding the driving upbeat energy behind the song, there’s an at-ease alchemy at work. In the midst of the crooning, rapping and dancefloor momentum, Papa Roy Foundation’s songwriting remains typically strong.

What makes “Can’t Stay Here” excel is how well implemented the band’s musical formula is. The track is an extremely tightly-wound, painstakingly crafted pop song featuring the catchiest hooks, a most rewarding rap verse and the cleverest song concepts to make sure it’s ready for the radio, the club, and your personal set of headphones. This is an all-purpose song, created for all seasons and locations.

The genuine passion Papa Roy Foundation clearly have for the music that has shaped them, is undeniable in the careful construction of their own tracks. The flourishes of piano and synth constantly clutter around the unbelievably funky mix coloring the rhythmic world that the effective bass groove and cavernous drums have built. From its array of sweeping melodic hooks to its soaring chorus, the track is simply a slice of classic goodness.

Rich, colorful and undeniably creative like the band’s previous single release, and with another set of impressive vocal performances, “Can’t Stay Here” maintains a slick level of focus and flow. And while containing all the necessary ingredients that make up a typical Papa Roy Foundation track, it sounds fresh and full of life.

There’s enough going on in this track to make sure that it won’t be dropping off the radar anytime soon. And chances are that “Can’t Stay Here” will be receiving as many accolades as their previous work, and so it should.


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