MYYORA – “One Song” is immersive, as it sweeps your mindset off on a journey of awakening

MYYORA is a major talent. You wouldn’t necessarily know it straight off the cuff, because she is an elegant, somber and understated presence — someone who lays back in the track letting you come to her rather than throwing herself at you. If you’re familiar with her music, you know that she has worked in the creation of smooth R&B and Neo-Soul, stylistic EDM, and slinky Pop. She knows her strengths and on her latest single, “One Song” she capitalizes on them without any extra flashy superficiality. Whenever her voice enters a verse it doesn’t feel like an unnecessary interruption in the way many pop songs are prone to, but instead, its inclusion adds to the depth of the song and the story being told between the notes.

MYYORA manages to create a song that simultaneously encourages you to vibe out and reflect, while also swaying your body to the intoxicating beat. MYYORA performs with the confidence of a seduction goddess. The music she presented is sensual, graceful, and full of soul. The songstress possesses the ability to make even the simplest of phrases resonate in your mind endlessly.

Born in London from Congolese parentage, MYYORA has also spread her roots to France, and manages to blend all of the existential fundamentals from those experiences into the essence of her music, as she scrutinizes the irrational workings of the world, trying to make sense of it all. She works with a French-Irish songwriting team and records professionally in the South of France.

The fact that she has a degree in Theatre Directing, simply adds more fuel to her already burning artistic flame.  “One Song” offers an easy listening experience, and truly takes you through its deep-thinking analysis and reflections.

It centers you, calms you, draws you in, and makes you analyze the way you yourself are figuring these essential life lessons out. For the majority of the song MYYORA preaches inspiring and positive words to make our existence, and the world a better place.

The healing, meditative melodic motives, and poetically conscious lyrics make “One Song” a unique track – fierce and gentle at the same time. Beautiful, confident and graceful, its production leaves listeners feeling a sense of empathy, as waves of MYYORA’s vocals fill the arrangement wonderfully and everything is right where is needs to be.

At the end of the day, MYYORA’s charisma holds this project together. Her nuanced, controlled voice is the main event, and you cannot help but be impressed. The effects of “One Song” is immersive, as it sweeps your mindset off on a journey of awakening.

The song has a crystalline texture which successfully navigates the waters between elegant vocals, an understated throbbing beat, and authentic communication. The low key vibe that is the undercurrent of the track, creates a sound space that allows the reflective lyrics to stand out in a very impactful way.

On “One Song” MYYORA channels all of her feelings into three-and-a-half-minutes of soul-searching and spiritual healing for listeners all across the world. She ushers in a refreshing sonic aura that is captivating to the ear.


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