Jaye Reaves ‘The Come Up’ – six years in the making

Six years in the making, ‘The Come Up’ is electronic artist, producer and composer, Jaye Reaves’, debut EP. Experimental, ambient and eclectic, the EP takes listeners on a journey that inspires and opens the door to endless possibilities. ‘The Come Up’ will be available on all platforms on the 2nd July 2021.

The 6 track EP came from humble beginnings. Jaye Reaves first stumbled upon his desire to make music in late 2017, fully embracing the creativity and adventure of creating songs. ‘The Come Up’ encompasses the journey that led to the path of this debut. It captures the period of time where Reaves left behind his home of Virginia, to begin a new one in LA, weaving in and out stories of past relationships, self-discovery and finding his true destiny.

The opening track ‘La Fusion’ sets the mood for the EP. Embodying ambient tones, the track blends together an eclectic mix of genres, something Reaves is passionate about. From electronic to jazz, the songs have a cinematic presence that draws the listener in. ‘La Fusion’ is the first instrumental song on the EP, while the following track ‘The Root’ explores vocal arrangements. Sitting over the top of atmospheric and electronic soundscapes is Reaves’ voice, storytelling with ease, while his wife’s vocals create a beautiful contrast.

Her voice appears later in the EP, contributing an angelic quality to ‘Time Watch’ and ‘The Opening.’ Each track is atmospheric, yet takes inspiration from elements of hip hop, pop, rock and jazz. These sonic stories are told through a range of instruments, like electric and acoustic guitar, captivating bass lines and melodic keys, while experimenting with horn and string arrangements. The message behind the EP is to encourage other people to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Even the artwork itself has been thought about in admirable detail, with two locations pictured to represent Jaye Reaves’ past and present life, fused together to create who he is, in the here and now. The title track ‘The Come Up’ brings the EP to a grand finale, a crescendoing instrumental, layered with intimate whisperings of “the come up.” Surrounded by swelling horns and string sections, the track, despite being the closing song, feels like the opening, offering hope and new beginnings.

With a background in contracts and hospitality, Jaye Reaves surely saw a future in real estate brewing. Music, however, changed everything for him. Embracing his true calling, Reaves launched Waxie Entertainment Group which incorporates screenwriting, songwriting and production. Following the success of this, he took inspiration from his influences, including the likes of Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, FKJ and Masego. From here, his production skills took on a whole new realm, and his musical empire has just begun.


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