BREATHING THEORY has released several albums, including ‘Uprise Part 1’, ‘Uprise Part 2’, and recently in 2020, ‘Balance’. The band has toured nationally and played numerous festivals, including Earthday Birthday, InkCarceration, KinkFest, and Reverb. Their music has been streamed over 3 million times on Spotify. The band who recently signed to the Wake Up! Music Rocks label, blends nu-metal active rock, with heavy, down-tuned melodies and catchy pop like sing-along choruses. BREATHING THEORY know how and when to play their strongest cards. If you need something cathartic, something heavy, something with an element of familiarity in amongst the creativity, they deliver something powerfully stunning on their single “Replicas”, which is lifted off a still unnamed album set to drop next year.

BREATHING THEORY sound like a band ready to carry the torch for nu-metal, showing that a modern hard rock collective can meld art, aggression and melody with equal diligence and skill. The instrumentation and vocals impact each bar with hard-hitting passion and head-banging potential.

The lead vocals are dynamic, as Cory Britt transitions to a rasping soar from the hypnotic quieter verses. Over and above the bone-crushing guitars, the keyboard and programming skills fill the background with cinematic grandeur that contributes to the epic sound of “Replicas”.

The guitar playing by Rob Mahoney and Collin Morrison, is solid due to how each riff amplifies the composition with high quality crunch. Kegan King’s drums are blazing with rapid fire beats and subtle breaks, while Preston Daniel’s bass playing adds depth and consistency.

“Are we alive I can’t even tell if I’m breathing. Can we align tell me what the sequence is. Can we define what it is that makes us human. Are we alive or are we just replicas,” sings Cory. From the grit and grind of the music, BREATHING THEORY sound very much alive to me.

“Replicas” is heavy, dramatic and extremely tuneful. It unfolds with an urgency that blasts the sonic atmosphere with sharp, thundering riffs that will jolt the minds of people who are coasting through the smoother verses.

In fact, the masterful arrangement achieves both heaviness and ferocity without sacrificing melody and catchy accessibility. It has a touch of everything they’ve been producing over the last few releases and really cements them as one of the world’s nu-metal bands you have not heard about yet.

BREATHING THEORY nails the sound on “Replicas”. This song will resonate far beyond the confines of its genre. It comes out of the gates with intrigue and intensity, before the riffs and rhythm, rips and tears across scorched surfaces of sonic euphoria.

It hits you like a punch in the guts around the 50 second mark with a heavy breakdown leading into the chorus. Mixing metal guitars and electronic synths, results in a four minute adventure across the band’s ever spanning soundscape.

You’ll get totally lost in the musicality of “Replicas”, because it’s just an all-around beautiful track. BREATHING THEORY have crafted a song that explodes into a wall-of-sound. It evokes strong emotions that are sure to capture the attention of anyone within earshot.

Spotify: @breathingtheory