Sunflower Dead – “Falling Down” – raw guitar aggression, percussive assault and a well-crafted melody

Over the past several years, in support of their releases, the rock band Sunflower Dead have traveled the U.S. on tour with the likes of Scott Stapp (Creed), HELLYEAH, All That Remains, Ill Nino, In This Moment, Powerman 5000, Hed (PE), SOiL, Hurt, Smile Empty Soul, Avatar, Shaman’s Harvest, Mushroomhead and Nonpoint. The band, which originated in 2012, has released 3 albums to date, and dropped the first two singles from their forthcoming full-length project March Of The Leper. “The Underneath” was released on August 6th, and more recently the 2nd single “Falling Down”, on September 10th.

On their latest single, Sunflower Dead have done more than play to their strengths, they’ve broadly expanded their parameters, taking the band to the higher level that they’ve previously hinted at. Sure, the album is pure Sunflower Dead – raw guitar aggression, percussive assault and well-crafted melodies, abrasive growling – just like “The Underneath”. However, “Falling Down” goes way beyond. It’s a cohesive piece built on duality, fueled by ebb and flow and permeated with explosive energy.

The clean singing is as catchy and melodic as ever, yet it never interferes with the brutality of the growling. It only enhances the juxtaposed sonic contrasts of the listening experience. Fueled by this vocal heterogeneity, there’s no question that “Falling Down” cultivates an addictive edge, no matter which side of the vocal fence you’re sitting on. Over and above the superb singing though, there are so many elements of creativity and virtuosity at play in this song that at times it’s dizzying.

Sunflower Dead have captured the core rock aesthetic of throwing caution to the wind. “Falling Down” is uncompromising, unrelenting, and exactly what fans of the genre want to hear. The song is filled with head-banging, skull-crushing rage, as it deals with the theme of lies. “With questions, I told you, my heart will not fit in your lies. That’s no surprise for you. With silence, I showed you my heart will not fit in your lies. As those snake eyes, they pierce through. Now life’s falling down. Your cries go round and round. Ashes fill the ground, cause of you and your lies,” recites the opening verse and chorus.

Meaty riffs, an expertly orchestrated arrangement, and arena-championing choruses, power “Falling Down” into titanic metal territory. The song is not only a solid, crunching slab of metal that holds its own in terms of heaviness and power, but also displays an emotional, musical, and vocal range that goes far beyond the genre’s apocalyptic wall of noise. The lyrics are thought provoking, and the mix between aggressive riffs and more uplifting, clean choruses makes it an enticing listen, pulling you right in.

Alongside the incredible vocal work, and the ferocity of the drumming and rhythm section, “Falling Down” features forceful guitar work, with an incredible solo tying the track together and demonstrating that it is an essential component to Sunflower Dead’s sound. What you’re left with at the end, is an incredibly well-conceived record that explores every dimension of Sunflower Dead’s sound, while taking a step beyond anything they’ve done previously.


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