Alpha 55 – “My Moon” – cinematic-styled aural satisfaction and creative talent

New age music creator Alpha 55 is exclusively is exclusively managed and launched by ARTIST CONNECT, a Bangalore based Artist and Brand Management platform providing opportunities to artists and creators across the globe. A known name in the music circuit for more than a decade, Alpha 55 recently dropped his 6 track Melodic Deep House EP, entitled “My Moon” via the UK based Techno House record Label. The recording transports you through a wave of blissful tunes that drift on top of emotive percussion. The buildups, basslines and drops guide your mind into the feeling of escaping reality alongside the uplifting and melodious synths. The blend between cinematic-styled aural satisfaction and creative talent truly makes this a piece of art.

Alpha 55 is primed to join the big leagues with the release of “My Moon”, the culmination of years in ascendance. The EP is majestic not only because Alpha 55 is an amazing producer technically, but he’s also a pretty deep-thinking creator.

Through months of hard labor and sleepless nights, the producer has created recording that is meant to touch our souls, as he navigates a vision that takes into account the developments in the world during these last two years as well as the essence of our planet, and the universe.

The attention to detail on the EP is impeccable, as Alpha 55 takes us on an adventure with an assortment of emotions. Starting out with the title track, “My Moon”, which rides on a four to the floor thump, skittering hi-hats and highly resonant synths, Alpha55 embellishes the track with spoken-word interludes.

As a result these disparate sounds give the track a unique identity. Alpha55 targets the upmarket electronics heads with his music, which is more articulate, sophisticated and deeper, than the regular EDM scene. “Star Gazing At Zandvoort” brings us more substance and artistry. It contains throbbing basslines and chilling moments to build atmospheres that create the perfect sonic scenery for its theme.

Along with deep pulsating grooves, emotional auras and a forward moving momentum, “Goa Love”, washes away the negativity and allows rays of light to come into your soul. Throughout these tracks there is a very inspirational cinematic edge, with layers of sound to be discovered and experienced.

“Tulum Vibe” showcases Alpha 55’s affection for new technologies and advanced sound design which make him stand out from the crowd. The infectious beat will make it pretty impossible for you to stand still. You will feel instantly excited and energized. As the track moves, you will feel lifted and transcended as Alpha 55 captures and impresses your senses.

The producer’s uncanny ability to craft productions that envelop the listener entirely, is continued on “I Am High”. His usually spine-tingling melodies, heart-rending transitions, and effusive interludes is further enhanced by the inclusion of soaring vocals here.

Characterizing Alpha 55’s music often requires a solid grasp of human emotion, as it is what drives the underbelly of his arrangements. “Pirana” yields eons of throbbing basslines and banging drums as Alpha 55 turns his cerebral electronica into a relentless rhythmic machine.

The deep synth lines growl and swirl like scalding fractals. Not afraid of experimentation, his level of expertise proves he’s a force to be reckoned with. Alpha 55’s tracks are deep, melodic excellence that take you on a musical and emotional odyssey.


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