Atari Gangster – “Monster In Me” – an emphasis on genuine heartfelt delivery

Born in Montgomery, Atari Gangster has deep roots and family ties in Alabama. Early on in life he was introduced to a variety of music found all along the Gulf Coast from stays in New Orleans, Louisiana & growing up in Pensacola, Florida. Atari Gangster understands the language of affliction. The rapper, singer and songwriter bares his heart on the single “Monster In Me”, rapping and singing personal truths—the good, bad, and the haunting. And there’s a lot of haunting thoughts going on, as he sounds like a man of heartfelt jams.

“All I see is the monster you be. And not the memory. That cease to exist in me. What happened to us. That made us grow so apart. I can’t trust. A thing that you say,” exclaims Atari Gangster, as he boldly unravels the elements that plague his mindset. “Where are you now. I don’t know. I’ve like been living on cloud. It’s like nine. And that’s just my line. And everything’s fine. Until you fucking lie. And I know it every time,” he confirms.

To put it simply, Atari Gangster’s music will stick with audiences because he’s gifted in relating to the psychological and emotional struggles of the common man. Moreover he goes beyond the usual rap expectations, blending his grungy voice with the soulful, melodic hooks, while never making it feel gimmicky. His alternative sound is no-frills, as he manufactures the drama with his lyrics and vocal performance. His emotional storytelling is like a raw nerve anyone can graft their personal afflictions onto.

Atari Gangster’s sound is so unique, that some may not even consider it to simply be hip-hop. The urban game has never seen an artist who is so different and consistent in his ability to make great music. Yet he proved his style to be effective with his latest musical masterpiece “Monster In Me”. I’d have to credit Atari Gangster’s impacting aesthetics, to his ability to combine rap and incredible vocals, with thought-provoking lyrics.

“Monster In Me” is truly is an exceptional track that displays Atari Gangster’s God-given gift.  He is able to show that in order to be special in the music industry today, you must be different in some way. He is breaking down the barriers in hip-hop, and proving how effective his style is. His work sees him placing a heavy focus on emotional storytelling, often disrupting the fickle song structures of his contemporaries with bars, interludes and an emphasis on genuine heartfelt delivery.

On “Monster In Me” Atari Gangster delivers both his catchiest melody yet and some of his most affecting storytelling, distinguishing himself from his rap contemporaries by hitting at something visceral and real. Atari Gangster has a tendency to outline a story and build up the concept with extended wordplay, before the song apexes in a decisive chorus.

It’s a tactic that yields impacting results with this single. The soul and conviction creeping into the vocals here makes the song all the more powerful. On each new release, Atari Gangster is getting closer and closer to finding the perfect balance between all of his skills.


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