Doppe & Kokke – “What are you waiting for?” – an ultra-sophisticated listening experience!

The long playing single, “What are you waiting for?” by the DJ/Producer duo Doppe & Kokke is more gorgeous than you can imagine. The beat, the bass, the lush keyboard arrangement, the soulful vocals; everything here is blissfully effortless. The influences are clear; Deep House grooves and Tropical House scales are masterfully scattered across the tracks, as are the instrumental passages, and those are where the duo really shine. Stockholm-born and Switzerland-based, Doppe & Kokke deliver divine electronic arrangements and chord progressions. Moreover, Chloe Kay’s contribution to the track is invaluable. Her voice perfectly fits the song, and turns the deeply chill atmosphere into an enchantingly seductive number.

When I first listened to “What are you waiting for?” all the way through for the first time, I was very impressed. This track soothing, soulful, and alluring. If you want some intoxicating music that you can groove to, or something that will put you into a titillating glaze, than get this. This song is just beautiful, the calm melody and the atmospheric feel just makes you feel like you’re in heaven. Take a seat, zone out, and let some female fronted electronic music sooth you weary ears.

“What are you waiting for?” is a subtle yet powerful song. With keyboard strokes and soft flutes to back her up, Chloe Kay’s distinct voice resonates well and lulls you deep into relaxation with her coy lines like, “There’s no one I want more. I just can’t get enough. I just want to feel you close to me. What you waiting for?”

This is an electronic template of rhythmical, melodical, and harmonical wonders. Each of these glue together perfectly to make a protective mesh for the smooth but delicate vocals. It sounds like Doppe & Kokke gathered all the ambition and desire they crafted so well into their earlier works, and delivered it in one shot here on “What are you waiting for?”

Every now and then a track will jump out and grab me by the throat due its fine combination of melodic hooks, cool production aesthetics and overall feel. It certainly happened with this song. The song quickly lures you into its moods and textures — mellifluous in melody, lush and layered in production.

In this age of niche marketing it’s refreshing to encounter electronic music that defies one-label categorization. Rich and blended to a flavored pulp, “What are you waiting for?” could comfortably find its way into a number of electronic music genre racks.

When you combine its masterful arrangement, its breath-taking production, and its mesmerizing vocals, this track becomes an ultra-sophisticated listening experience that transcends its genre stylistics. The long-playing single, “What are you waiting for?” contains 3 versions of the track – the original vocal version, an extended vocal version, and an instrumental version.

There’s something remarkably refreshing about the effortless manner in which Doppe & Kokke rides upon the smooth, soulful currents that course through this studio effort. The DJ/Producer duo have constructed a song that so perfectly straddles the line between EDM grandeur and warm pop intimacy.


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