Natalie Jean – “Authentically Me” – Self-empowering soul and emotion!

Natalie Jean has finally dropped her latest single, “Authentically Me”, produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg, and I must say after the first listen, I’m hooked. From top to bottom, it’s nothing but quality vocals, great songwriting, amazing production, and explorative lyrics that dive deep in the mind of the Haitian songstress. Nathalie can be defined as a Contemporary Americana-Pop musician, and this track perpetuates this message. It’s the type of song I feel that would survive in any decade and it’s amazing I feel that way after every listen. Take away the beautiful piano-driven production, and her angelic voice harmonizes lyrics in a manner that it gives a classic vibe to the song.

Natalie Jean can also be described as a throwback to another era, with powerful vocals belt out on a microphone, but also the modern pop star with the ability to adapt her vocal appeal onto any production. While her sound and appeal is very comparable to multiple Adult Contemporary Music legends of our time, she stands out on her own as the modern day version of a classic singer-songwriter trope. Self-empowering soul and emotion are the major players of “Authentically Me”, and no matter what your status may be, you can’t say you don’t feel something listening to this song.

Natalie Jean is a storyteller. If you’re familiar with her songs, she’s known to tell detailed stories that involve vivid characters you want to know more about. Those same narrative skills were put to use for “Authentically Me”.

“I used to stand in the middle of the crowd. I tried to fit in, wanted to blend in. I became part of the illusion, while masquerading my confusion. The noise became too loud. I pushed myself out of the crowd. Ran towards the door, throw my mask on the floor. I’m authentically me, and there’s no other way I’d rather be,” sings Natalie, unravelling her state of being.

From the honest, heartfelt goodness on her single “Authentically Me”, it is evident that Natalie Jean fulfills a soulful void that was sorely missed in contemporary pop, and can now be fully appreciated. So sit back and inhale the music’s addictive sonic energy and exhale Natalie’s raw lyrical panache.

Jean’s rich vocals and suggestive imagery helps make a perfect addition to any playlist. The song is as fearless and sincere as some of the strongest tracks from her ever-growing catalog. Natalie Jean’s artistic depth and quality has always been clear to see, but part of the appeal of “Authentically Me” is its lingering commercial appeal, that’s crying out to be explored.

Perhaps the most endearing aspect of “Authentically Me” is an authentic honesty that threads through it – which lay bare Natalie Jean’s vulnerabilities, desires, strengths and intentions.

They allow listeners to get to know the singer and her universe, evoking an undeniable form of empowerment – something that makes the singer-songwriter more than captivating. “Authentically Me” is a triumph that showcases all the craft that Natalie Jean is able to infuse into one song.

More About: Natalie Jean is a Haitian singer-songwriter who can sing in English, French, Spanish and Creole. Natalie has been nominated for, and won, many awards for her music, including 6 nominations at the 2021 Josie Music Awards, in which she won “World Artist of The Year”. She has also won two gold medals at the Global Music Awards. Natalie is now a voting member in the Recording Academy, the organization that hosts the Grammys each year.


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