Yvng Sammie has unquestionable talent and a burning passion for the musical arts

Yvng Sammie is a rising performer and entertainer from Toronto, and his many skills include being an artist, dancer, songwriter and entertainer. Despite losing his parents pretty young, Sammie has always had a knack for entertaining those around him and bringing them joy. He started by writing song lyrics as a child, then showed off his dance skills on the app vine. Yvng Sammie has been creating music since 2009, and his first project was released recently on 22nd October titled “Life of a Virgo”.

HipHop, R&B and Pop Music are the music genres that the artist focuses on the most. As a lover of both music and dance, the inspiring figures that fuel his motivation includes Michael Jackson, Lil Durk, Don Toliver and Drake. One of the biggest wishes of this artist is to work with Drake, another from his home region. The Toronto artist also has Melodic, OnDuty TR, and Nathaniel Scarlette on his latest EP release.

Yvng Sammie is also a former theatre student who wishes to grace the big screen one day and make strides in acting. All of the visual concepts in his videos are created by himself and greatly reflect his innovation and love for performance.  Currently, Sammie is an independent artist and runs his music label Peridot Music; however, he is open to the idea of being signed to a record label with a good deal. His music resonates greatly with his talent for dancing as it is known to radiate “fun dance vibes”.

With unquestionable talent and a burning passion for the musical arts, Sammie is here to make it big and plans on performing internationally. His dream destinations for performance are Dubai and Bali, which he hopes to visit soon. Sammie is currently working on the Deluxe Edition to the Life of a Virgo, which will drop in early 2022. Before this drop, he plans to release a fun record before 2021 ends and then work hard for the Deluxe to his EP 2022.

Nowadays, Yvng Sammie is too busy promoting his new EP and is also excited about his upcoming collaborations with Melodic. He is living the dream by fulfilling his passion for entertainment and performance through his musical talent, and you can access his work on Spotify and YouTube. You can also connect with the artist via his social media on Twitter and Instagram.






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