3lijah – “Stars Out” brings the perfect balance of vibe music!

Frankfort, Michigan rapper 3lijah, has some of the most electrifying melodies in underground music right now. His ability to have new wave-inspired raping over alternative guitar-dominated production, like he does on “Stars Out”, is something that is undoubtedly hard to replicate. He brings the perfect balance of vibe music and tracks you want to nod your head to. 3lijah’s music has a lot of lyrical substance, and somehow generates a lot of feeling within it. Whether it’s the futuristic production or some of the content we get in his songs, or even the different melodies he uses. Quite simply put, 3lijah knows how to make good music.

“Stars Out” has a very enchanting vibe to it, as 3lijah brilliantly combines Hip Hop & indie elements. The smooth transitions he incorporates from bar to bar make you get lost in the sauce, creating an aura you can’t help but be captivated by.

The track sees 3lijah building on his vocal talents and exploring a fusion of sounds, creating a very earthy and intimate record that does not disappoint. On the contrary, it thoroughly impresses from back to front.

The beautiful thing about “Stars Out” is that it keeps those looking for what they know to be 3lijah satisfied, while also impressing those who felt he could do something more, and that is almost impossible to accomplish.

“Stars Out” features some really strong vocals from 3lijah, and a beat that starts slow but progresses into something great. This song flashes a lot of the rapper’s potential, and as if 3lijah’s stellar vocals weren’t enough, another strong area that he never fails in is the production of his music, which was done by sadface here.

Not even speaking just in terms of the beat itself, but the overall finished product. The mix is crystal clear, and the vocal sits perfectly on top of the beat, while the chemistry between voice and production feels absolutely synchronized as well.

This is a significant part that shows the difference between artists who are just making songs, versus the artists who are putting together an impressive body of work. No doubt “Stars Out” is 3lijah’s best piece of work yet.

Where this single stands in 3lijah’s discography, and the importance it may play in his career, proves a lot. If this is your first body of work you’ve listened to from 3lijah, it’s safe to say that this is a great introduction into just how talented of an artist 3lijah is, and how much he truly cares about his craft.

“Stars Out” is a really good song because of how concise and catchy it is, just something that could put you in the perfect mood. Especially with its witty lyricism. 3lijah’s music is really unique to him, as there are not many artists with this very same type of musical aesthetic – similar but not the same.

Moreover, he seems to be getting more confident with each passing release. “Stars Out” is a single made by someone who’s supremely comfortable with the sound his making. 3lijah takes his musical cues from artists like Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Pouya, while still bringing something fresh to the table.


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