André Aires – “The Only One” – where authenticity, writing and talent are supreme!

André Aires manages to explore the exact emotions felt by his listeners while providing comfort in being fully seen as someone who goes through similar feelings. His latest single “The Only One” captures the timeliness of emotional states and simultaneously creates a relic of the truths of existence. It is one of the most iconic songs of the year, in lyrics, tone, and vocalization. The song builds on the singer’s solid foundation across soulful pop music for another decisive step forward in his career. Its piano-driven sound and rich orchestral instrumentation, allows Aires’ voice to come forward, on top of a lush sonic palette. André has powerful vocals, but it’s his earthy and nuanced delivery that gives this track more life.

André Aires’ vocal inflection is swollen with authentic sentiment, as his lyrics develop organically alongside the instrumentation. “I need a second chance. Another last dance, one more cry in my life. As sure as this song will sing, I will have regrets. I made mistakes, but oh I tried. Broken down and barely hanging on. It’s taken everything to carry on,” sings Aires, as he moves towards the explosive chorus. “I’m not me today. I am not the only one to say, won’t let it end this way.” This track is truly special. André Aires exceeds even the highest expectations that may have been put on him.

André Aires never walks the middle course among pop music’s meandering highways. He doesn’t merely stick with the obvious, incorporating a highly refined musical arrangement to accompany his exquisitely explosive vocals. In this vein, Aries combines a natural songwriting talent with a knack for heartfelt an ear-warming melodies.

The result is, taking a beautiful song and somehow making it work even better with Aires’ soulful and resonant voice. Aires’ voice leaves many other artists of his generation in the dust completely and utterly.

From the very first verse, André Aires lures you in with his inviting voice, wrapped up in an envelope of ever-evolving sonics. The piano tones provide the ideal dramatic backdrop for a track that skirts the genre’s borders on its quest towards communicating with the listener.

Tracks such as “The Only One” are pivotal in demonstrating the skill in Aires’ intricate songwriting, as he pulls you into his experiences with wails of heartfelt melody. He pairs this with emotional strings and shimmering guitar slides that give the song a powerful edge.

Overall, “The Only One” feels like a great step into yet another level for André Aires. Delivered with a passionate intensity, it’s a track that never falters, and just continues to open up more and more new things that his talent has to offer.

The singer is going to have a hard time staying in the shadows of the limelight, if he continues to put out such high quality releases. Aires is thrusting independent pop music into an age where authenticity, writing and talent are supreme. There’s just something magical, endearing, and powerful about “The Only One” that could make it one of the best indie pop singles of the year.


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