Saints Down – “Emotional High” – uniquely unpretentious and gloriously unapologetic!

The typical rock radio music you hear today is missing exactly what Canadian band Saints Down have to offer. Crafting true blue, classic rock and roll, the Southern Ontario-based band, was started as a lockdown project. “Saints Down became a serious creative endeavor when the songs started ‘coming together’,” explains co-founder Rob Palombo. “During the Covid lockdown, everything started to dry up, musically speaking, so instead of working on other people’s music I decided to start working on my own music.” He reached out to friends – longtime collaborator, Walter Riggi, as well as singer-songwriter, Benjamin Doncom. They eventually came up with band name, Saints Down, as a tribute to friends who have recently passed away.

The now released “Emotional High”, is the band’s debut single, while they plan on releasing an original song every 2 months. The urgent-sounding single can be described stylistically as uniquely unpretentious and gloriously unapologetic.

Considering the astronomical success of bands like The Struts, Ghost, and Greta Van Fleet, I’m sure any number of major labels will be dying to sink their fangs into the kind of rock delivered by Saints Down.

Saints Down show itself to be the full package on “Emotional High”. They’ve got a soaring singer, big, beefy bass motifs, scorching guitar progressions, fiery solos, and a four on the floor drummer who holds it all down.

Whereas their peers try so hard to make records that sound like they could’ve been recorded in the legendary golden eras of rock, Saints Down does so effortlessly. The groove of “Emotional High” is solid and has that feel that lets you settle in and enjoy the song with a solid backbeat and rhythm.

“Emotional High” has a cool blues vibe woven into its musical DNA, while the killer cadence and bass runs demonstrate the power of the rhythm section.  The contagious sound thrown into the chorus will get you rocking out and singing along every time it runs through your speakers.

The guitars are strong and have an energy that is matched only by the vocals. This recording, no doubt positions the band as one of the premier unsigned, newcomer acts on the rock scene.

“Emotional High” runs off of an infectious groove, an amped-up sound and skyrocketing vocals. The attitude that Saints Down brings to this recording is a swagger that we just don’t see much anymore. Their music is so surrounding; completely engulfing you with a rhythm, drive and harmony that spark your senses. With a voice that could wake up the dead, the singer’s high notes feel like life found its sonic embodiment.

“Emotional High” is enthralling to listen to, especially because each band member is an exceptionally competent musician. Who knows what’s next for Saints Down, whether it be a record deal, a commercial breakthrough or an extensive tour.

Whatever happens with them, they’re on their way to make an impact one way or another. If you’re not familiar with Saints Down, be sure to look them up you will not be sorry. The band is also releasing a new weekly cover video and other videos on their YouTube channel.


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