TCP – “Other Shit” is carried by outstanding production, exuberant wordplay

TCP is an artist who considers himself to a lyricist over a rapper. He has been to audio engineering school and has worked in professional recording studios and concert production. TCP – who aspires to being a little different to the rest – has set his sights on releasing new songs every other Friday. We recently caught up with his single, “Other Shit”.  Here he declares his creativity and clear talent as a lyricist. TCP greets the listener with a laid-back delivery that soon leads into a switch which reiterates his talent by effortlessly flipping between different vocal speeds and deliveries.

Right from the get-go, TCP flexes some sharp wordplay, which sounds like a quintessential intersection between old and new school rap. With its urgent, claustrophobic and restless instrumental creating a cryptic sonic palette, “Other Shit” maintains an insistent momentum, and is only eclipsed by TCP’s insatiable rhyme scheme. He proves that he is one of the best newcomers in the game through his rapid and unique flow.

This makes the song one of the strongest end-of-year, underground rap offerings. It is carried by outstanding production, exuberant wordplay, and TCP’s undeniable hungriness towards reaching the pinnacle of modern hip-hop. This single project is for the hip-hop heads of the world, who prefer technical substance over shallow style.

TCP demonstrates his ability to switch flows during a song, on “Other Shit”, as he delivers strong, powerful and explicit messages. He has showed tremendous potential as both a songwriter and rapper since the release of “Hope” in 2019, so I had high expectations for this single. And I was not disappointed. TCP has showed off stunning flows on almost all of his releases and seems to have a clear direction of where he wants to take his music.

All of which brings us to what can be considered his best track yet. “Other Shit” showcases so much confidence in his ability as a lyricist and rapper. It’s a testament to the quality of his craft as an artist. The single showcases an array of talent from TCP, and is jam-packed with great rhymes and breathless deliveries. He has witty punchlines, intricate rhyme schemes, and has no problem keeping his alliteration on point either.

What separates this upcoming and aspiring virtuoso from his peers is his refusal to rely only on his lyrical talent and slick wordplay. Instead he combines these skills with a sharp attention to storytelling and an ability to convince listeners of his tales. Such skills contrast well with the immediate braggadocio nature of the single.

For the most part, “Other Shit” is indicative of an artist seeking to prove that he’s not just another empty-headed spitter. Though sonically being totally entrenched in the here and now, “Other Shit” feels like it takes hip-hop back to its roots, as TCP weaves his rhymes across a canvas made for spitting.


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