Bronzegates – “Hanging Gardens” and “Green Carriage” – a complete musical statement worth hearing!

Bronzegates is a 4 piece organic rock band that are able to easily flirt between, classical folk, rock and metal stylings. The quartet, made up of vocals, guitar, drum and bass, has released the first two songs of a seven track set, from a hypothetical album. They are releasing the songs separately due to the market’s adversity to complete albums.  Both of these tracks, namely “Hanging Gardens” and “Green Carriage” are impressive, dripping with folk, metal and progressive rock influences.

The introduction to “Hanging Gardens” starts with a field recording and a slow-burning acoustic guitar strum, which is backed by emotional strings. This leads to the even flow of the resonant and melodic vocals which is met by the gentle percussion and sweeping harmonies.  The sound lifts itself to a lush, warm and thick atmosphere. You have to admire the thought and execution of the expansive production. It is a complete musical statement worth hearing.

Tunes like “Hanging Gardens” are alluring, mysterious pieces. It is an outstanding work of songwriting, musicianship and vocals. Though downtempo and beautifully restrained, the singing is full of passion and intensity, creating a dark soothing uneasiness that purveys the atmosphere. It’s a rather textural and emotional experience, developed with excellent acoustically driven dynamics and auras, which match the enveloping layers of melody and harmony.

It´s amazing how many different musical styles and influences Bronzegates are able to incorporate into their music. On “Green Carriage” they move away from the organic pastoral sounds of the previous track to embrace cinematic metal infusions, and bone-crushing riffs.

It´s obvious that while we´re not talking about inexperienced musicians. These guys can play and sing on a higher technical level. Add to their skills that they are also very skilled composers and this track has damn near got it all.

Despite the explosive and abrasive force of the song, Bronzegates never lose their melodic and dramatic streak. Midway through its seven and a half minute duration, “Green Carriage” breaks down, to meander on a vocal excursion, before erupting with a fiery lead guitar solo.

Here Bronzegates fully realizes their heavy rock side in an unforgettable experience of driving soundscapes, fantastic production, and sheer emotional power. Ultimately, what you get is something staggeringly engaging.

Both “Hanging Gardens” and “Green Carriage” really showcase the sheer and overpowering effect that music can have. The songs are filled with instrumental technical mastery and the epic vocals, presenting Bronzegates as a fascinating outfit on many levels.

There’s no denying this four-piece band can create incredible musical imagery, whether it’s via sweeping acoustics or a rich tapestry of crushing power chords. Each instrument and line of vocals serves a purpose within their intricate mosaic of sound.

I think these songs are accessible to anyone. You don’t have to understand or recognize every single little aspect to be able to enjoy the music and marvel at the band’s unparalleled skill. In other words, any devotees of rock will know exactly what they’re getting here, as Bronzegates keep things engaging and endearing enough to result in a reliable and confident sonic experience.

“Hanging Gardens” and “Green Carriage” totally evokes the band’s artistic fluidity and captivating allure. The release of future compositions is something to really look forward to.


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