The Cabin Fevers – “Run Baby” sparks a grand sense of untamed excitement!

The single, “Run Baby”, is a much-needed hit of endorphins that showcases not only The Cabin Fevers’ ever-improving brand of modernized, classic rock n’ roll grit, but also their sky-high growth potential. Lyrically, the single explores the modern-day challenges that children face in our current society. “It deals with birth and growth, along with many of the difficulties we and our kids are facing in the world today. We are sure our fans are going to appreciate this song after too long an absence,” stated the band.  The Cabin Fevers’ bravado is tangible, unrelenting and infectious across “Run Baby”, drawing directly on rock’s anthemic excesses of the ’70s, ’80s, and ‘90s.

The chemistry between The Cabin Fevers is gloriously raucous and irresistibly magnetic on “Run Baby”, imbuing the stadium-ready track with their own brand of electric swagger. Right from the opening bars, the track sparks a grand sense of untamed excitement.

The rasping vocals blend in with the vibrant guitar and bass flow, the drum work clashing alongside the mix. The guitar’s warm fuzzy tone leads the way, carrying the boisterous energy over into the rhythm, making for a raucous jam.

Each component of The Cabin Fevers compliments one another, helping to establish a unifying element throughout the music. Power. Control. Mastery. All of these descriptions come to life here. The convergence of experienced professionals who understand how to remain in command of their instruments, make sure that a loud anthemic song such as this, doesn’t simply sound like a noisy mess.

The energy is driven in a calculated and effective way, maintaining its established trajectory without losing its edge. “Run Baby” serves as yet another mission statement from The Cabin Fevers as they put everything on the table.

They seamlessly stitch together elements of garage band growl, buzzing electric blues, foot-stomping rock n’ roll, and arena-rock euphoria. From the first guitar riff you already know you’ve got your money’s worth from this single.

“Run Baby” is a solid gut punch that will knock the wind right out of your sails. This epic rocker throws in everything – a thundering drum beat, an aggressive, snarling bass line, brightly burning guitar riffs and blistering blues-rock vocals.

Channeling the influences of their forefathers, The Cabin Fevers deliver a gem of their own making. This is all wrapped up in a modern-sounding production that allows the band to feel more relevant than ever before.

The choruses sound huge on “Run Baby”. It is also packed full of fuzzy, rock guitar tones and some of the best rock n’ roll vocal execution you’re likely to hear for quite some time. This recording is victorious in every single aspect, and a success on so many levels.

It’s the sound of a band at a point where they aren’t afraid to embrace their aspirations, while holding on to all the inspirations got them to where they are now. Full of skilled guitar licks, stimulating vocals, and a rattling rhythm section, “Run Baby” is a consummate example of why The Cabin Fevers excel at their craft.

More About:  The Cabin Fevers got together in Pisa (Italy) during 2014. The first line up included Rendy Terziani, Dario De Ruberto, Emiliano ‘er biacco’ Marianelli, Valerio Sereni, and Antonio Inserillo. They started playing their own music, mixing rock classics, Classic southern rock and rock n’ roll, always searching for grooving guitar riffs, an engaging sound and melodic refrains. Moving forward, the band also changed its line-up, with Michele Orsitto and Federico Razzi joining in on drums and bass, respectively.


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