Nathalie Miranda – ‘Is This Love’ – a fun, upbeat pop anthem

Nathalie Miranda fuses power-house vocals with an incredibly unique, soulful tone unlike any other voice out there right now. The voice and energy is distinctly Nathalie Miranda – the UK’s answer to the US Uber Divas. This artist is single-handedly paving her own way in this industry and there’s no doubt that she is 100% in the driving seat when it comes to her music.

This diminutive singer experiments with different styles, refusing to be defined by a genre or by industry standards. Her most recent release, Is This Love (February 2022) is a fun packed, upbeat 80s dance anthem inspired by the artist’s favorite decade. ‘Is This Love’ was influenced by tracks such as Whitney’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and Kylie Minogue’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky’. And of course, Nathalie added her own flavor to it with modern production.

Nathalie draws on the music that has inspired her and skillfully adapts it to create her own inimitable sound. Her unmistakable vocals have caught the attention of many producers internationally, so as well as creating her own music, Nathalie has been co-writing and featuring on a large number of dance tracks.

Nathalie Miranda is an artist in the truest sense of the word. With a rapidly expanding fanbase, expect to hear much more from her in 2022.

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