Sammie Leigh – “Prevail” is ever so refined and sparkles with sincerity!

Musically, the single “Prevail” is Ohio singer-songwriter Sammie Leigh, at her most assured: she has synthesized her various musical interests and influences into an entirely idiosyncratic musical lexicon. Which is rather extraordinary, considering this is only her third original single release. “Who are you to try to change me, and who am I to listen to you,” sings Sammie. “Cause I’m so tired of caring about what people think. And why should I?” she exclaims. This also gives us the measure of her ongoing maturity. Sammie Leigh has been singing all of her life, but is still green to songwriting, she confirms. Sammie finds that she enjoys writing about real life obstacles and hopes to use her music to help others, in the future.

A quick run through Sammie Leigh’s playlist exposes variety, conviction, skill and her seductive, muscular, soulful voice navigating seamlessly between singer-songwriter verses, pop catchiness, and fuller-bodied groove. All of which are dominant in the robust rhythms of “Prevail”.

The song has a much more developed and technically complex sound, and a real sign of what fans can look forward to from Sammie in the future. However, regardless of what stylings she uses to express herself, there is a confidence and self-ownership in Sammie’s lyrics, which shines through.

Sammie Leigh’s sound is special from the start on “Prevail” – a lyrically driven, rhythmically compelling blend of pop and groove. All of this dresses the scene for her eloquent and sophisticated voice.

The result is a song that embodies the sonic concepts for embracing the soul, body and mind. All of which brings us back to the point that regardless of how the record’s production is drawn up it is all guided by Sammie’s knowing vocal and lyrical instruction. She executes the track flawlessly.

Sammie gently but persuasively propels melody, and lets the rhythm lead the way, while finding that sweet spot between these two musical elements. This allows the composition to display Sammie Leigh’s sultry and delicate tones in beautiful form.

Her vocals are ever so refined and sparkle with sincerity. Lyrically they sketch Sammie as an impassioned woman of many complexities searching for, and understanding, the greater sense of self. An achievement rarely accomplished by most of us.

Sammie Leigh is aware of what she does best, and she seems willing to constantly push those abilities on each subsequent release. That is the mark of a true creator. Here, Sammie proves once again that she can turn ears and heads with a captivating new record.

Her compelling musical skills, twist “Prevail” into a modernist, groove-driven take on singer-songwriter aesthetics. It allows Sammie Leigh to once again demonstrate her ability to master and flaunt every new musical potion she reaches for.

“Prevail” has all the qualities of a mainstream pop song, but goes over and above, presenting Sammie Leigh as a determined, talented, independent-minded musician with a sincere love of her craft.


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