The Artist: Paros – “Flight Plans” – powerful, meaningful, and often affecting!

The EP “Flight Plans” smoothly shifts from R&B to hip-hop and pop, and a few other flavors on the way, as The Artist: Paros displays great skill and confidence as a songwriter. He swings through a multitude of styles whilst managing to retain all of their best attributes, forging a sound completely of his own. He doesn’t so much veer away from the conventions of mainstream as much as he does embrace the major qualities of it, and the EP benefits hugely from such focus. The Artist: Paros knows exactly which boxes to tick to avoid his music feeling formulaic or predictable, while still being highly accessible to the casual listener.

“I grew up all over the United States and for that I don’t feel like I have ever had a “home” so where I feel the most at home is in my music,” states The Artist: Paros. “Once I founded Organic Enigma with another artist, Quinton Quarantino. The rest just fell in the place. Like everything in life, the art we make is a collaborative process that can be very enlightening when you get to the final product,” he concludes.

It is interesting to note that Organic Enigma is going on a California tour this summer and all proceeds will go to the war efforts in Ukraine, and the water efforts in Flint, Michigan.

All throughout “Flight Plans”, the music seeps through The Artist: Paros organically, via sheer emotive power, acting almost as an antithesis to the common pop-fodder we have become so accustomed to in recent times.

The songs here are powerful, meaningful, and often affecting, but best of all they are a joy to listen to. The Artist: Paros has a voice that is somewhat compelling in that it delivers a set of bittersweet, melancholic tones, which echo and twist their way across the soundscapes in an unhurried fashion.

The set opens with the track “Vegas”, which rides in on shimmering guitars strains, skittering hi-hats, and The Artist: Paros’ deadpan, slow-burning, stream of consciousness delivery. He completely flips the template on the thumping drumbeat of “Vannessa”, where the choruses rise to a soar.

While it seems that modern music has reached an apex of banality with the systematic recycling of ideas fully underway, The Artist: Paros channels in some fresh perspectives with his subtle left field deliveries, which set him apart from his peers and contemporaries.

To fully grasp The Artist: Paros’ diversity, listen to “Visons (Be Honest)” where his downtempo, low-key delivery is juxtaposed with the conventional soulful melodic sweetness of the female feature. The vocal contrast beautifully enhances the meaning and the emotion of the song’s duel narrative.

The track’s production makes minimalism sound bold and enlightened. The austere, linear stylings continue on the closer, “Worth Your While”, where The Artist: Paros draws you down the rabbit hole with him in a soul-searching, straight-talking journey.

Restraint is key element to the execution of “Flight Plans”. The Artist: Paros’ never screams or shouts out his anecdotes, experiences and messages, which means his stories slowly unfold, revealing themselves as organic, integrated parts of the mix.

They steadily draw you into his world and hold you there for the entire listening experience. The Artist: Paros writes songs that are emotionally vivid and detail-rich, simultaneously poetic and plainspoken. That requires a special gift.

Twitter: @TheArtistParos
Instagram: @TheArtistParos – @OrganicEntertainment – @quent10quarantino

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