A Little Overboard – “Goodbye For Now” is soulful, gritty and captivating!

Where to begin with A Little Overboard? Their inimitable single “Goodbye For Now” is an explosive slice of alternative and indie-rock, flavored with a pinch of pop. Established in 2022, the 5-piece band that hails from Saratoga Springs NY is set to release its debut album “Lies Of Lovers” on 1/1/2024. The new single sees the band set their stall out early and for all to see: a gorgeous piece of listening pleasure, with the lead singer’s voice playing an extremely important part in the band’s setup. Right from the opening bars, the soulful, gritty and captivating sound locks you in with its jangling guitars, emotional lyrics and a brooding melody awash with power and intensity. I particularly love the way the song was produced. It sounds organic, classic and raw, and so unlike the over compressed rock recordings we are supplied with on a daily basis.

The arrangement of the layered guitars is a key piece of the puzzle throughout, growing and swelling over the record, and giving “Goodbye For Now” an immensely intoxicating feel. Whether or not you love this kind of music, you cannot dispute the absolute pulling power of this song.

The track starts strong and gets stronger, once the driving rhythm sets in. It is highlighted by a superb vocal delivery, solid drumming fundamentals, well-placed bass phrases and of course, the exhilarating guitar strums and motifs. What really makes this record special is the ease with which it strings together a fantastic rock/pop melody and a crushing but never overwhelming soundscape.

The opening verse is straight-up killer, and the rest of the song is even better than you might expect. The impassioned singer strains his croon, its powerful range and rasp revealed. “There’s a million different ways to fall apart, and maybe I was broken from the start,” recites the opening lines, as the heartfelt narrative unfolds. “But I live my life and I open up my heart. There’s a million different ways to fall apart. It’s not goodbye forever, it’s just goodbye for now.”

Rousingly earnest and sentimental, it makes you want to believe what the singer of A Little Overboard sings as profoundly as he does. His way with words is undeniable here. It’s one of those songs that stand face to face with your own emotions, and hits the nail right on the head.

When it comes to afflicting emotions, A Little Overboard know how to write a damn good song about it. Musical perfection is one thing but to have a song suck you in emotionally is another. A Little Overboard do both brilliantly.

The music industry is littered with artists who relent to the wills of producers and executives, delivering music that is more a commercial product than a heartfelt expression. On “Goodbye For Now” there is never a sense that A Little Overboard aren’t saying and playing exactly what they want. Emotive and an excellent etching of heartbreak and hope, the song shows a band that can conjure magic and mastery in a three-minute snippet.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://www.alittleoverboardofficial.com/

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