Brian Kelly – “Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince – a one-of-a-kind artist!

The world has come to know and love the hard-working emerging artists who continue to earn immense support online and in the streets from fans and critics alike. Rising NY rapper/singer Brian Kelly, who is changing the game with his music and unique personality, is certainly on that list, and bounces back into the limelight with his new single “Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince from the North Stars Music Group. The track is an anticipation of an upcoming project of love songs, entitled “Brifalfa”. Q the Prince and Brian Kelly went to summer camp together when they were in elementary/middle school. They then reconnected in college at St John’s University. That’s where they began making music together, eventually forming the North Stars Music Group with some of their close friends from the neighborhood.

Brian Kelly

As Brian Kelly continues to build on the foundation of an already impressive discography that speaks for itself, he is an artist more than capable of carrying the torch forward for his craft. There are few artists who can create beguiling songs quite like Brian Kelly.

He pulled it off with “Helluva Time” (ft. Speedy Monsta), and is set to do the same with Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince. Delivering an intoxicating composite of twisting basslines and a bouncing beat, Kelly flows with his usual nonchalant conversational cadence.

Q the Prince, who last release was the 2021 single, “NYC Love Story”, brings a subtle flourish of urgency to Boss Baby” with his measured and confident rhyming. His lush aural onslaught is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Together with Brian Kelly’s spellbinding vocals, they have all the trappings of a timeless success story, as collaborative crew. Firmly planted in their vision, within the North Stars Music Group, they are shaping up to make major strides in the year to come.

There is an otherworldly quality to Brian Kelly’s music. The New York-based artist’s sonic aesthetic is adorned by a smooth but dynamic instrumental and his strikingly cool delivery that often seems like it’s floating in a world of its own.

Q The Prince

Listening to Kelly often feels like bearing witness to a one-of-a-kind artist. In between intoxicating bars and the skittering hi-hats, the rapper touches upon a sentimental theme.

Whatever newfound sound Brian Kelly’s glides toward, the end result is always the same – an infectious earworm that begs to be played on repeat. The cherry on top is Kelly’s charismatic and soothing vocals, which serve as a vehicle for lyrics that are ripped straight from his mindset.

Brian Kelly is breathing new life into today’s underground music scene with a string of passionate and honest releases. With his incisive lyrics and gift for harnessing captivating storytelling, Kelly sets himself up as a trailblazer.

With Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince, Brian Kelly is looking to expand upon his already impressive reach and expose his music to a new audience. We can’t wait to see what he does in 2023. His music could very well be the next wave.

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