Love Asylum – “Crucify My Heart” needs to be played loud in a neon-filled room!

On their single, “Crucify My Heart”, the up and coming duo, hailing from Colchester, Essex (UK), Love Asylum, lay out a track that is both a nod to the classic synthwave we have all come to know, with a progressive eye on the future. Though Kevin Scott (Vocals/Songwriting) and David Nevard (Synths/Programming/Songwriting) initiated their journey not too long ago, they have already been featured on multiple online media and radio shows internationally. The track starts with a promise of classic dark synth-led groove, in the style of vintage Depeche Mode with that crisp enveloping sound and captivating sullen vocals. This needs to be played loud and in a neon-filled room.

“Crucify My Heart” is certainly one of the strongest 80s sounds I’ve heard from a new track in some time. Somehow, Love Asylum have managed to keep the traditional synthwave sound without it seeming tired, stale or outdated. A sign of the band’s desire to progress their sound and build on their previous works, while keeping their core identity where it belongs.

“Crucify My Heart” is extremely authentic in its 80s tone and nostalgic grip on the listener. The vocals are both ominous and resonant, and it’s catchy as hell. It accomplishes that holy grail of melodramatic synthwave vocal tracks. You can’t help but be one hundred percent sure you heard this track years ago. It’s music from the past that never existed until now.

The churning basslines, the funky guitar-like motifs and the steady drumbeat, propel the momentum of “Crucify My Heart” towards a thumping and intoxicating mid-tempo rhythm. By the time the song reaches it’s destination, we are left with the thought of how well produced and fantastically paced this track is. Kevin Scott’s vocal performance here is at it’s best, fluctuating between looming lows and catchy melodic nuances.

In a genre that has most recently has been dominated by some mediocre content, apart from a handful of outstanding artists. It’s refreshing to have a release that not only carries synthwave’s distinctive sound, but offers something new to the scene. Ultimately its Love Asylum’s absolute mastery of the style that shines through.

David Nevard’s synths and programming, captures the entire essence of both synthwave and darkwave stylings, while he still finds space to add some extra little sonic flourishes to the mix. It quickly builds tension effectively in its opening bars, before the song instantly reveals itself with the entry of the drums and vocals. The pop sensibilities are able shine through the seemingly impenetrable atmosphere.

Not only is “Crucify My Heart” good in creating the right atmosphere instrumentally, the lyrics also tell the story very well. “You treat me like a toy. Condemn me then destroy. You tore my world apart, and then crucified my heart,” renders the plot of the narrative, crystal-clear right from the outset. There is something to be said about a song that not only evokes a feeling of familiarity and emotion, but one that gives you cinematic imagery through its entirety.


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