Anaphora – “Gliding Light” – impressive musicianship and raw aggression are on full display!

Anaphora’s music is a potent assault on the senses, capturing and distilling the raw energy of nu-metal into a powerhouse sound. Their latest single, “Gliding Light”, is a masterful showcase of this, unleashing nearly three and a half minutes of bold intensity, interspersed with moments of calculated precision. Combining the powerhouse, in-your-face style of traditional nu metal with elements of pure and alternative metal, Anaphora establishes themselves as a truly unique force in the world of heavy music.

At the core of “Gliding Light” is a relentless onslaught of steamrolling percussion, topped off by crushing guitar riffs and soaring vocals that alternate between harsh and melodic tones. The song towers over the listener with an atmospheric intensity that is impossible to ignore. It’s clear that Anaphora’s impressive musicianship and raw aggression are on full display, leaving no prisoners in their wake.

The song’s dynamic structure creates an atmosphere of tension and release, with moments of sheer force followed by moments of intended restraint. The lyrics of “Gliding Light” are also worth mentioning, they depict the feelings of being stuck in a certain situation and the struggle to get out of it. The band uses the music to express a sense of hopelessness, but also the power to overcome it.

“In the Time We Fall Away. We Step Out from This. Then Only Hide From That I See. I’m Finding It Hard to Explain. The Nothingness. The Emptiness. Take a Look Out. Find It Out. Where Are You Go?” sings Anaphora, unfolding the dark and disturbing narrative.

The essence of nu-metal has gone two ways in recent years. Half the bands are content with running the same sounds as always, while the other half are embracing all the innovations in heavy music’s last decade. Anaphora burst right through the middle of the two.

Anaphora proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, but never so much that any one gains dominance over their own original stylings. It’s very hard to fault this single as the performances are so strong and the song writing is very much on point.

I suspect this band has a very long and bright future ahead of them. Anaphora bring back nu-metal in a big way, with a modern take and a storytelling poetic-based approach to the lyrics. It goes without saying that I was really impressed with “Gliding Light”. I found myself engaged the whole way through. Anaphora seem like they put in so much effort in crafting their songs and trying to create something powerful and unique, and I can appreciate that.

If you like the sounds of classic nu-metal with a hardened edge, I urge you to pick this track up. “Gliding Light” is an explosive and genuinely exciting single. In terms of creativity, musical skill and blunt force, Anaphora are impressive in their own right, as they deliver on every promise. Moreover, like only the best records do, “Gliding Light” begs for a repeat listen when it’s over.


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