Rebecka Molander – “Through The Rain (Directors Cut Vol.1)” – sophisticated, yet emotional music

Rebecka Molander is a shining star whose enchanting voice and exceptional songwriting skills have captivated audiences for over a decade. Her melodies, inspired by jazz, evoke an enchanting, soulful ambiance that will leave you mesmerized. Molander’s lyrics are self-perceived and brim with authenticity, addressing themes such as alienation, vulnerability, and staying true to oneself. Her words are powerful, and they will pull at the listener’s heartstrings in a low-key, poetic way, accompanied by a steady, calming beat that sets the soul ablaze. Despite being self-taught on the piano, Molander has never shied away from taking on the big stages. She has opened for some renowned artists, including Lill-Babs and Jan Lundgren, before finally stepping into the spotlight with her own name. Her first concert showcased her passion and musical genius, wowing the audience and paving the way for a promising career.

Rebecka Molander debut album “Through The Rain” – aimed at the Swedish market – was a landmark moment, opening new doors and opportunities for her. In 2016, she embarked on a Scandinavian tour, receiving a warm reception at the iconic MOJO in Copenhagen. Her music left an indelible mark on the audiences, and since then, she has remained a prolific freelance musician, delivering one captivating performance after another. The excellent musician has just unveiled her latest masterpiece, the awe-inspiring EP version of “Through The Rain” (Directors Cut Vol.1)”. This enchanting studio work, carefully crafted for the international audience, is an absolute feast for the senses.

The sound of this album is a perfect blend of smooth jazz and sophisticated pop music with subtle folk elements, all drenched in organic goodness. The opening title track is a mesmerizing masterpiece that sets the tone for the entire EP. The instruments are subtle yet impactful, with Rebecka Molander’s minimalistic piano style seamlessly blending with the rounded bass tones, acoustic guitar strums, and scattered percussion. Molander’s remarkable vocals are quickly presented – they’re radiant, emotional, and echo deep within your soul. “Get Gone”, the second track, rides on an elegant but sustained and plucked groove, culminating in a shimmering soundscape that’s simply irresistible.

“Good Love” is more fleshed out, both sonically and rhythmically, with strains of the blues infiltrating the vibrant arrangement. The echoing shimmer returns to the EP with the eloquent, “The Love That We Share”. Molander’s vocals slide through the lyrics and make you feel every word and every note she sings. She is also beautifully backed by mellifluous harmonies. This brings us to, “Timeless Love”, where Rebecka Molander is at her absolute best vocally. The slow-burning piano-driven backdrop creating a comfortable foundation for her sultry delivery.

Rebecka Molander closes the EP with swaying “Christmas Cracker”. Every stroke of the guitar strings, every play of the piano keys and the sweetly changing rhythm of the percussion, is as important and captivating as the other elements.  As you delve deeper into each of these enchanting tracks, you’ll come across numerous highlights, each more breathtaking than the last.

Each of these soul-stirring pieces is an absolute gem, with the piano chords beautifully intertwining with the Molander’s voice, paving the way to an irresistibly hypnotic feel that lingers long after the last notes fade away. In conclusion, “Through The Rain (Directors Cut Vol.1)” is a true work of art that showcases Rebecka Molander’s unparalleled musical and vocal prowess, alongside her fervent creativity.

The EP a must-listen for anyone who appreciates sophisticated, yet emotional music, and wants to experience the sheer beauty of organic sound. Get ready to be swept away on an unforgettable journey through the mesmerizing world of Rebecka Molander. The top class musicians, who perform on her recordings and at her concerts, include Anders Lorentzi, Andreas Baw, Zoltán Csörsz, David Andersson, Maciej Szymczyński and others. If you are looking for an artist who will move your heart and soul, look no further than Rebecka Molander.


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