Ozzy Tapan – ‘Ready or Not’ delivers a radical musical flavor that mesmerizes

Ozzy Tapan’s newest instrumental single ‘Ready or Not’ is a testament to his musical prowess and versatility. As a critic, it’s both an honor and a daunting task to attempt to interpret the creative mind of such an exceptional artist. But when it comes to Ozzy Tapan, the complexity and diversity in his work is simply mind-blowing. It’s as if the subtleties of his creations are effortlessly woven into a mystical sound that captivates the listener from start to finish.

One of the striking features of ‘Ready or Not’ is the balance between its clean overdriven sounds and its harder, heavier qualities. This track is a completely different beast from Ozzy’s previous vocal rocker, ‘All Nighter.’ Inspired by the law enforcement simulation game ‘Ready or Not’ by Void Interactive, Ozzy Tapan composed this instrumental to capture the feelings of aggression, chaos, and tragedy that we encounter in the world today. The track is named after the game as a tribute and also shows a bold attempt to grab the attention of its developers.

Released through Collabhouse, a new music-licensing platform, ‘Ready or Not’ has NFTs available for investors interested in owning a piece of this masterpiece. This track is a true testament to the breathtaking musicians like Ozzy Tapan, that the modern age has produced. Technology has allowed creative musicians to delve deeper into their compositions, absorb all they can, and push the boundaries beyond what was once thought possible. Ozzy Tapan is a genre-bending, genre-molding musician who has transcended what we first thought he was capable of.

‘Ready or Not’ is a cinematic, atmosphere-heavy soundscape that combines both grinding and jangling guitars, dynamic strings, dark synths, skittering percussion, and an insistent rhythm that captivates. These elements come together to deliver a radical musical flavor that mesmerizes the listener. This is a record for those who want to be enchanted by perfect musicianship and a mix of progressive sounds.

‘Ready or Not’ is an intriguing number, and listening to it through big speakers or through a pair of high-quality headphones will really allow for you to feel those powerfully arranged riffs and thumping drums. Just like his previous release, this new song will make you feel some form of emotion, which is a true achievement considering there are no vocals, or lyrics to guide your feelings.

Ozzy Tapan have once again delivered an incredibly diverse and textured package, one that is filled to the very brim with vastly technical and emotional aesthetics. What’s more, all of the components of this instrumental package are blended together in a way such that, there’s an engaging flow that allows the technicality to remain impressive without becoming tedious.

Moreover, ‘Ready or Not’ is not simply Ozzy Tapan flexing his skills in a garbled mess of auditory bombast. And he does this by exercising restraint and letting the spaces between the notes and percussive hits speak as loudly as the music itself. Overall, ‘Ready or Not’ is an expertly crafted, dynamic, and incredibly expressive release that incorporates musical elements perfectly suited to cinematic media or gaming soundtracks. Ozzy Tapan has once again proven why he is one of the innovators in the game.

Connect with Ozzy Tapan via Instagram: @blackbeardberlin

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