Exploring the Boundless Creativity of Thomas Lane: A Journey Through Music, Poetry, and Visual Art

Author, poet and musician Thomas Lane shares selective works through his unique brand of creative activism, Lane’s work touches on an ailing world with the hope and resolve of a visionary with a universal perspective. The latest song Underground Light is a response to a divided world and a planet at risk. Evolving from a collection of 12 interwoven songs, Lane’s CD Hotel Earth positions our planet as a hotel of infinite rooms, a place of astonishing beauty and astonishing hardship, where laughter and love are still the best antidote. Throughout the album Lane’s street-poet alias, Trakker bears witness to the journey: “every soul a story, every room a song, every fall a wakeup call.”

Experience Thomas Lane’s latest visionary offerings for this month: STORM, Underground Light and The Ark of Now.

Lane’s spoken word piece, STORM, and its accompanying video explores the reality of climate change with a dire warning in words and images. He laments that the earth will turn away from us forever “unless we can decide here, now, with our backs against the void to begin again with courage and with love, to undo what has been done.” He urges his fellow humans to come together to find a solution for climate change, as “the storm is always with us now and visibility is poor. This is the time for vision…and there are those who do not see.” Watch the video Storm here and listen to the audio here.

In his poem The Ark Of Now, Lane shares a dream of connection. This work is a thoughtful declaration of the power of the light within us when we come together to rise above a dark, battered world: “Yet with limitless mind/You and I could build an Ark/Crafted from our humanity/Our most elevated moments.” Read The Ark Of Now here.

Lane’s metaphysical thriller, The Karma Factor (November, 2022), explores the boundaries of human consciousness against the backdrop of a classic suspense thriller. With a purpose that transcends the genre, Lane weaves the novel’s wider message in a ground-breaking, white-knuckle ride between worlds, as characters set out to make karmic amendments, right wrongs and re-establish the power of choice.

Lane comments on our destructive tendencies and lack of accountability: “It’s clear that the world is replaying the same problems and unworkable solutions, over and over again, like a stuck record. If, for just a moment, one could move the needle to another song with a new perspective…that would be a very good thing. In image, word and song I have tried to express the hope that this tipping point in time is a clarion call for all of us to become stewards of the Earth: a green and blue planet glowing in the heavens, a miracle that we call home.”

About Thomas Lane Born and raised in Connecticut, Thomas Lane is a multi-dimensional artist drawn to spaces where art, spirit, and social justice intersect. He is the author of THE KARMA FACTOR and THE ARTISTS’ MANIFESTO as well as the creator of a catalog of songs, poems, screenplays, novels, and paintings. Lane founded The Helen Hudson Foundation, a charitable organization focused on social issues, including homelessness, racism, and the environment. He currently lives with his wife in Rhode Island. Visit ThomasLane.com

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