Kaliyani’s ‘One Earth’: A Musical Journey to Unite Humanity and Restore Our Planet

One Earth is Brazilian-born New Age recording artist Kaliyani’s latest soulful, inspiring single and music video release. With more than 4.5 million views, Kaliyani’s YouTube channel debuts her timely new music video celebrating the Earth, inspiring hope and embracing the beauty of human connection.

With nature as a backdrop, the One Earth video features beautiful Kaliyani as she shares her message of humanity’s oneness with the Earth. Her enchanting vocals transport listeners on an auric journey. Gorgeous visuals focus on the planet’s beauty tied in with the power that is present in unity and the gift that is our human kindredness and connection. Opening with a captivating view of Earth from space, One Earth reminds us that we are all part of the same planet race. Kaliyani urges us to embrace our earthly home, as one family, and protect it together in love and solidarity: “And here we are/Surrounding you/We hear your call/We come to you.”

On the song’s theme of oneness, Kaliyani states, “When we finally let go of that which no longer serves us…that’s true awakening. When we finally liberate ourselves from the illusion of fear impinged on us through agendas that aim to create separation from ourselves and one another as a means to control, that’s illumination. When we realize that that which we have so long sought and believed to exist only outside of ourselves and realize our inherent birthright to our own divinity, only then we stand a chance of experiencing Oneness”

One Earth marks a new vocal path for Kaliyani. Her previous singles feature unique vocalizations reminiscent of classical music styles that range from operatic to Gregorian, and in her latest release they are infused with melodic lyrics. In her first single, Nammu’s Invocation, lush wordless vocals bring a deep, but ethereal sound that inspires the imagination. In Kaliyani’s second single, Tears for Inanna, her soaring voice transports listeners to an ancient, mystical world where the Sacred Feminine is fully realized.

One Earth was released on Earth Day 2023 in hopes to unite and elevate the human heart and genius to understand and believe that we, as proud stewards of this extraordinary planet home, are willing, capable and responsible for maintaining its integrity, healing and preventing additional harm to be inflicted upon it.

View Tears for Inanna here.

View Nammu’s Invocation here.

About the Artist: Kaliyani (aka Jane Gehr) is a spiritually inspired visionary. As producer, artist and founder of Stargate Alliance Films & Media, she hopes to inspire humanity though offering alternative visions, information and empowering tools for self, as well as for global soul transformation. It is Kaliyani’s dream to offer herself as an instrument for the betterment of humanity and uplifting of consciousness on the planet. She says her deep heartfelt connection with Source is the driving force and fuel in everything she co-creates and assists in bringing forth.

Watch One Earth on Youtube.

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