Longtime Musical director and vocalist Tony Isabel aka Tisabel boasts an unprecedented skill set. He writes, arranges, sings, plays, and performs. He busts taboos, flashes unstoppable ambition, blends genres together like paint. Soulful ballads and funky grooves, ambient new age soundscapes, Hip-hop fantasy, and divine EDM devotion. For these qualitiesContinue Reading

The debut album from Bruce Nowlin titled THIS LIFE veers away from traditional electronica music and lends itself to a funky ying yang kind of new age meets groovy rock music. The opening track “321” right away tells the listener you’re in for something unique. Songs such as “Angry MF”Continue Reading

Ellis Hadlock has been creating innovative instrumental music, covering a variety of genres, from ambient to rock and relaxing to upbeat. His music receives radio airplay in several locations including Europe, Australia, and the U.S.A.  and he is also featured on podcasts, internet radio, and web sites. Hadlock’s music isContinue Reading