Nishit Gajjar’s EP Album ‘Oblivion Messages’ is a unique blend of Ambient, Post Rock and New Age

Creative Producer and Electronic Music Composer Nishit Gajjar’s new EP Album ‘Oblivion Messages’ is rather a unique blend of Ambient, Post Rock and the New Age genre. The flow in each track is sometimes linear, partly disruptive, and partly unearthly. In each track it is an interesting journey which will keep the listener attentive and engrossed.

The track ‘Medeetait Spirits’ is smooth, alluring and creates a meditative atmosphere. Whereas ‘Raw Racer’ is all about chase and thrill! On the other hand, the ‘Oblivion Messages’ track is haunting and creates ethereal vibes. The usage of Indian Mantra is exceptional and quite astute in this track.

The unique aspect of this album is that Nishit Gajjar will use the tracks from this album in his upcoming short film, ‘Musing of the Muse – The Cycle’. According to Nishit Gajjar the film ‘Musing of the Muse – The Cycle’ is an other-world narrative which discusses the concept of afterlife. Mr. Big Shot Productions which is based in Los Angeles will produce the film.

Well, it will be a real treat to see how the album will sound and be utilized in the film.

You can listen to the album on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and Deezer. It is also available on Bandcamp for purchase.

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