CaliberSands Dazzles in ‘Lucid’

Get ready to strap in, music enthusiasts, because Vancouver’s own CaliberSands is about to take you on a mesmerizing journey through the stratosphere of sound with his latest single, the mind-bending masterpiece known as “Lucid.” This sonic architect is orchestrating a symphony that defies boundaries, fusing the ethereal realms of progressive and psychedelic rock into a swirling vortex of sonic brilliance. Hailing from the rugged terrains of Williams Lake, CaliberSands migrated to the electric heart of Vancouver in search of a pulsating music scene that matched the intensity of his creative soul. And boy, has he struck gold! In his quest for musical nirvana, he’s not just treading waters; he’s forging a legacy that resonates like an electrifying lightning bolt across the underground industry.

The heart and soul of “Lucid” are woven together by the very hands that crafted its essence. With his guitar and bass wizardry, CaliberSands emerges as a sonic maestro, conjuring riffs that traverse the boundaries of space and time. But he’s not alone in this sonic séance. Enter Dawson Treadgold, the rhythmic architect behind the drums, driving the track forward with a relentless force that ignites the very core of your being.

And that’s not all—keep your ears perked for the saxophone mayhem that dances like flames in the night. Kurt Schindelka, a saxophone sorcerer discovered at a local jam night, injects an otherworldly dimension into “Lucid,” intertwining his notes with the fabric of the cosmos.

From the very first beat of the track, “Lucid” unveils its grandeur. The saxophone bursts forth, a primal scream that reverberates through your bones, alongside thunderous drum rolls that sweep you into a tempest of sound. The basslines, sturdy and unyielding, anchor the composition in a rhythmic labyrinth that pulses with life. Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, CaliberSands’ guitar soars into the stratosphere, a blazing comet of sound that illuminates the darkness.

But here’s the real magic: the synergy. The drummer, the bassist – CaliberSands himself – create a foundation so solid, it’s as if the earth itself is grooving to the rhythm. With a telepathic connection, they build a sonic tapestry that elevates CaliberSands into the spotlight, where he unleashes his guitar virtuosity. The solo passages are a frenetic dance of fingers, a whirlwind of emotion that transcends language, leaving you spellbound.

Speaking of surprises, CaliberSands’ bass work is a force to be reckoned with, blurring the lines between his primary instruments. The sheer finesse with which he navigates both guitar and bass waters is a testament to his versatility as a musician. It’s a virtuosic tightrope act that he walks with exhilarating grace. “Lucid” is an auditory whirlwind that beckons you from the very first note.

“Lucid” is the fertile soil upon which CaliberSands plants his creative seeds, a lush terrain that allows his guitar brilliance to blossom. With a momentum that surges like a tidal wave and a sound that thunders like a stampede, this track is an auditory rollercoaster you won’t want to disembark from.

Yet, amidst the sonic maelstrom, there’s an unmistakable joy, an upliftment that resonates deep within. CaliberSands has crafted a rock potion of sonic bliss, a potion that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

So prepare yourselves for an unparalleled expedition into the sonic cosmos. “Lucid” is a testament to the boundless power of music to transport, transform, and transcend. CaliberSands’ guitar-driven odyssey is here to remind us that in the realm of music, words are optional, but the emotions they evoke are unequivocal. Get ready to be swept away, CaliberSands is steering the ship, and “Lucid” is the voyage of a lifetime.


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