In the heart of Dallas, Texas, resides Jake New—an artist whose multifaceted talents extend beyond the realm of music to include acting, directing, and playwriting. With his third EP, aptly titled “Healing,” New unveils an intimately personal chapter of his life, a poignant narrative of his struggles and triumphs over the past few years. This four-track compilation radiates an aura of transformation, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its tender yet resonant melodies. “Healing” defies the confines of musical convention, weaving together threads of R&B and Soul to create an alternative soundscape that enchants with languid rhythms, wistful keys, shimmering guitars and the velvety embrace of Jake New’s vocals. Unlike his previous releases, this EP stands as a raw and unfiltered embodiment of his present state, harmonizing alluring sounds, harmonic structures, and poignant themes into an honest representation of his artistic evolution.

The EP’s centerpiece, “Redeemed,” opens the sonic journey with a solemn reflection on redemption. With every repetition of the titular word, Jake New’s voice carries an emotional weight that strikes the heartstrings. The lyrics delve deep into the artist’s psyche, questioning the very essence of redemption against feelings of being lost. New’s voice resonates, depicting a character who, despite being “bought with a cost,” grapples with a sense of inadequacy that contradicts the notion of salvation.

“I Can’t Fly” propels the listener deeper into New’s introspective exploration. Over a backdrop of hauntingly expressive chords, his vocals become an emotional vessel, yearning for divine guidance amid life’s challenges. The lyrics create an intimate conversation with a higher power, exposing vulnerabilities and admitting a persistent neediness even after answered prayers. The recurring refrain, “I can’t fly, how you fly,” conjures an image of a soul in search of solace, mirroring the universal longing for a sense of purpose and direction.

Jake New’s vocal prowess shines ever brighter in “Light,” which technically is probably the best track on the EP. The track showcases his remarkable vocal range and nuanced tonality. Against a backdrop of sunny, warm and pristine guitar-driven instrumentation, his voice captivates with its finesse and elegance. The lyrics convey a message of hope and resilience, highlighting the contrast between heartbreak and the inevitable emergence of light from darkness. With a serene optimism, Jake New invites the listener to embrace life’s complexities and discover the luminosity within.

Concluding the EP is the spirited “Nonsense Song,” an upbeat departure from the introspection of the previous tracks. Here, Jake New’s vocals intertwine seamlessly with immaculate guitar strums, creating a lighthearted ambiance. The whimsical lyrics mirror the dreamlike quality of the music, as New playfully navigates a momentum-pushing landscape. Amidst the fantastical imagery, a message of self-discovery and acceptance emerges, encouraging the listener to revel in the illogical and unearth personal truths.

Jake New’s “Healing” EP is a mesmerizing tapestry woven from the threads of vulnerability, introspection, and musical innovation. This collection’s alternative R&B and Soul influences provide a rich backdrop for his authentic exploration of life’s struggles and triumphs. Each track, from the questioning depths of “Redeemed” to the vibrant surrealism of “Nonsense Song,” contributes to a recording that defies musical norms, offering a transformative listening experience that resonates on both emotional and artistic levels.

In “Healing,” Jake New has masterfully crafted an ode to growth, an invitation for listeners to embrace their own journeys with renewed vigor and self-discovery. Now, if you consider that in its entirety “Healing” was conceived and recorded, in a total of seven hours, it becomes instantly clear that Jake New’s talents are traveling on a higher plane.


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