Sick.Life: “Run It Up” (ft. C.Notes & Miles Angel) – lyrical focus and performance inter-connectivity

El Paso artist collective, Sick.Life, continue showcasing their talents with a series of releases. Fresh up to the plate comes their latest single, “Run It Up” (ft. C.Notes & Miles Angel). Wide-eyed yet assured, the Sick.Life crew create music that reflect a thousand emotions – love, hate, the quotidian struggle, and subsequent jubilation, are encapsulated within their interwoven grooves. The coupling of Sonny Wesson’s guttural malleability and E$ BFNE’s raspy pugilism together with Lavoe’s steady and measured flow within the beat’s swing is a revelation.

It is also a reminder that Sick.Life’s lyrical focus and performance inter-connectivity can be found in abundance, and in tandem with their towering musical genius.

Sick.Life’s fluidity with C.Notes’ rapping and Miles Angel’s melodic hook, is alchemic, an act of kismet that simply glides through the rhythmic pathways of this piano driven soundscape.

The confluence of everyone’s artistic contribution results in some very fine moments during the song. The rhymes weave through each other like strawberries and cream in a blender. And as great as the individual performances are, there’s a greater awe in listening to the collective’s telepathic fluidity.

“Run It Up” (ft. C.Notes & Miles Angel) sounds exactly like what a decent rap record should be in 2017: aware of tradition, but geared towards the future. Every member of Sick.Life is on point, as mentioned before, and Rik’s production work provides just the right backdrop and contrast for the energetic lyrical fire that burns on top of it.

There’s a wide range of ideas and musical approaches here, but they orbit around an anchored collective view which works great for Sick.Life.

Sick.Life accomplishes effortlessly and consistently what few others do today – work as a group. They’re the definition of what makes good hip-hop relatable to all. “Run It Up” (ft. C.Notes & Miles Angel) with its collective performance, is at once chill-inducing and a reminder of how much life each emcee can pack into a couple bars.

More About: Sick.Life is an Artist Collective from El Paso, TX ready to showcase their talent globally. Sonny Wesson is an aspiring hip-hop artist and entrepreneur hailing from the infamous Long Beach, California, with a majority of his living time now spent in the Sun City, El Paso Texas. Wesson is laser focused on creating a niche, his own path, and take on what it means to be an independent artist in today’s industry.

E$ BFNE (E-money/Beast from the North East) is a movement and a maverick and is on his way to becoming one of hip-hop’s most remarkable success stories. With his smooth delivery, skill, and finesse on the microphone, E$ is surely becoming one of the south’s most respected young rappers. Lavoe is a versatile MC based in El Paso, TX with a unique sound that can adapt flawlessly to any instrumental in-front of him. Music is a way of life to Lavoe and the rapper has a catalogue that embraces all sub-genres of Hip-Hop.

Song Credits:
First Verse
Featured Artist “C.Notes” @cnotes_3
2nd Verse
Sick.Life Artist “Sonny Wesson” @sonnywesson
R&B Artist “Miles Angel” @milesangeel
3rd Verse
Sick.Life Artist “E$ BFNE” @bfne92
4th Verse
Sick.Life Artist “Lavoe” @a.lavoe
R&B Artist “Miles Angel”

Sick.Life – Run It Up (Feat C.Notes)
Produced by Rik @ theofficialrik

Contact Info
Email: Contact@Sick.Life
Phone/Text: (737) 247-9501

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram – @sickdotlife

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