Hailing from Miami, FL, rapper ill-logicz is excited to release his single “Countin'” produced by Ka$h Blak. As a conscious rapper, ill-logicz tends to stick to the storytelling rap and hip-hop songs, but wanted to change it up a bit for this one. His previous single “Gemini” was released in February of this year. It’s always an admirable act when rappers dedicate some part of their music to new experiments. The rapper has always had plenty to say, and he’s also never been shy about saying it. Now his applying that same theory to his music. “Countin'” is a far cry from what came before it, as ill-logicz has traded in the lyric-centered ideology investing a whole lot of skill into pure delivery stylistics.

ill-logicz has set himself one step apart from his peers numerous times before. Here however, he widens that gap to two steps. The artist has obviously been pushing himself, remaking his sound and style from the last time out. Now he hits back with stripped-back intensity on “Countin'”.

The production comes from Ka$h Blak, who has been making jagged and kinetic tracks for a while. Musically, “Countin’” is brisk and efficient. The beat has less to do with any region or Coast, and more to do with the new-century revolutions of eclectic minimal soundscapes — all those clipped drums and nagging piano figures working together to convey a barely-contained energy.

Within hip-hop’s vast universe of artists, there’s a special class of rappers whose personalities are as captivating as their music. ill-logicz is in that class. He is entertaining, thought-provoking, and a damn good rapper. This sonic palette is a little more avant-garde than the conventional beats he’s usually skating over.

So to match up, ill-logicz uses different vocal inflections here, which also makes his voice sound edgier than usual. Everything feels modern: the production, the voice, and even the way he is approaching these verses.

Clearly ill-logicz is hitting all the right buttons as he creates a track that sounds ready to erupt from all the tension. One thing about ill-logicz, he understands all the different ways you can tap dance in the pocket. So he is able to push his delivery into unexpected realms. In a way ill-logicz has sculpted a track that is filled with the kind of vocal mayhem that will cause crowds to react, not just rap along.

On all sorts of straight-up rap levels — the technical, the physical — ill-logicz is making great forward thinking rap music, that will turn heads when playing out of an open car window or a festival sound system. And if you’re listening for layers, they are there.

If you’re listening for layers, in fact, you might have to get used to the idea that you aren’t even hearing all of them. ill-logicz is out here spitting hard truths, and he’s telling them in ways that move. He owns the moment without losing himself. You should be listening.

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