KC Jockey is on a new promotional run!

International singjay/actor KC Jockey says he has been seeing major growth with his music career since his acting jobs took off on a high. KC Jockey has decided to give his singles Love In The Air and I’m Broke a major promotional run.

“I recorded these singles a few months ago for my upcoming EP but I now realise that I never took the time out to promote them properly; I had been so busy on set. I have faith in this EP, and for that reason, I am putting it to the world with a lot of confidence I will be hitting the charts,” said KC Jockey.

He is now involved in a few new movies to be announced, he also has three of his new songs which were chosen for the soundtracks of the following movies Unequally Yoked and The Bird of Fire. The EP, which was self-produced on his record label, will be available on all major digital media outlets in coming months.

“In coming months, I will be shooting and releasing the videos for these singles, which will premiere on local television shows across Jamaica, NY and the rest of the Caribbean,” he said.

The artiste who made his debut on the music scene with songs such as Tic Toc and Look Good Machine, expresses that he has been receiving positive feedback from the public and he feels that this year will be his breakthrough year worldwide.

“My fans are very supportive of my projects. They have been sharing and uploading the singles on various websites and I am grateful for the support. I am excited and ready to make the rest of 2019 a successful period,” he said.


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