Pat Rossi – “Let you Go” – embellished with impressive vocal and instrumental décor

Pat Rossi is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and producer. He is also the founder and front-man of the popular Canadian Rock band The Falling. Rossi, whose acclaimed songwriting skills led him to perform with Bon Jovi after winning the XM/Serious Satellite Radio Songwriting Competition, has now set his sights on being a solo artist. The artist who has worked with, and performed alongside names such as, 3 Doors Down, Gilby Clark of Guns N Roses, Jonas and The Massive Attraction, among others, brings to the table his latest single, “Let you Go”, via the RedJam Records indie label.

The minute you press play on the single, you hear Pat Rossi’s voice dangling above this pristine and radio-ready tune — and instantly know it’s him. There’s an irrevocable immediacy to Pat Rossi.

It’s obvious from the get-go that he’s a talented musician and performer. Overflowing with bravado, his singing has a magnificent range to it. At times, he can be gentle, at others more dynamically powerfully, or fully melodramatic when necessary. Either way, he is always caught up in the moment of his songs.

Not to be simply bundled into the alternative rock category, Rossi’s catchy songwriting alone proves he’s in a league of his own. As rock sees a slow and painful death, his sound keeps the nostalgic core aspects of the genre, but navigates all the modern pop music-making delicacies. He embellishes “Let you Go” with impressive vocal and instrumental décor.

This latest piece of solo work, shows that he’s not afraid to push the boundaries of his music. The track has everything that you could have hoped for from Pat Rossi, and so much more. In fact – with soulful lyrics, a rhythm and melody that comes right from the heart, and a wide range of elements and influences – this might even be his best work to date – in or outside of any collective experiences.

It certainly is his most accessible, and potentially able to penetrate a vast music market. Again, Part of what makes Pat Rossi so brilliant to listen to is his songwriting. He’s able to translate the most incredible feelings into words and phrases, and weave them together to create a relatable, touching story.

It’s a gift to be able to compose meaningful lyrics as eloquently as Rossi does, and then be able to sing them with equal fervor and technical skill. Not only is that gift in every moment of “Let you Go”, but Rossi has expanded upon it, making the song as catchy as hell.

The lyrics serve as the heart and soul of the song, but it’s the intricate and lively melody that really makes the song stand out. The tune carries a certain weight and charm to it that makes you fall in love instantly. You’ll find yourself singing and jamming along to every word of this song.

The actual instrumental gives the song a lot of depth, and Rossi uses elements and effects that highlight the melody while at the same time keeping the rhythm front and center. In the end, “Let you Go” is a product of not only a life time of experiences, but a lifetime of doing what Pat Rossi loves. There is a passion in everything that he does, and it’s never shown quite as much as it does in this solo effort.



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