Kota Wade Stands Out In Future Moons’ Debut Single ‘Entangled’

Future Moons’ debut single ‘Entangled’ is a gripping, affecting experience, straight away establishing the band as one of the more unique, riveting sounds in alternative rock. Their haunting, vocal-heavy arrangement invokes the dark, sullen stylings of artists like Billie Eilish yet at the same time, they double down on the emotional awareness, each word tinged with the weight of a thousand sentiments.

The lyrics of the song detail a passionate connection with a loved one, and the physical expressions that accompany such a spirit. Lead singer Kota Wade’s voice shines through, as her refrain ‘close to you’ echoes between the walls. The production of the song is brilliant: each breath is accentuated, the high notes are allowed to soar high and the guitar in the background is delivered in a vibey and entrancing manner.

Wade’s vocal performance is a highlight in and of itself, its strength rising above the solemn rhythms pursued by the guitar. That is hardly surprising, considering the singer participated in the reality competition program The Voice, where she performed under Gwen Stefani’s team. She is not only a phenomenal singer, having garnered praise by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Rihanna amongst others; she has earned over 60 million views on her make-up and fashion YouTube channel Steamfaerie, affiliated with Disney Digital.

Wade already has an established fan-base, so the band would hope that their debut EP will be received well across the board. It is set to be released in the spring of 2020 and will consist of four songs, each based on a season of the year. Previously the band was called Bad Wolf but they have reset their style, sound, and name ahead of their upcoming EP, and now will attempt to break through all the platforms with their measured, thrilling alternative sound. Wade, speaking on the background behind ‘Entangled’ says:

“I wanted the mood to be melancholy, yet romantic, so you felt invested in the love story playing out, and soon it was  brought to life between Tommy and I performing and producing everything ourselves.”

Connect with Kota Wade on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kotawade/

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