Warchief Rasco – “Good Ones Go To Soon” continues his atmospheric Hip-hop fusion sound!

“Good Ones Go To Soon” is an oath for the real ones I’ve lost in my life from either drugs, violence, or suicide to keep going hard and following the dream while spreading love all at the same time,” says Warchief Rasco.

Rasco has a gift for writing concise, infectious earworms. When a track such as “Good Ones Go To Soon” arrives at its conclusion, it leaves a void in the listener that can only be filled by playing the track again and again. The cut has a quality backing instrumental, complete with a reverbed staccato guitar riff and a throbbing bassline which shows Warchief Rasco continuing his atmospheric Hip-hop fusion sound.

Despite his independent status, Warchief Rasco paints his craft in an impressively nuanced light. A quick run through his catalog, proves that the artist can navigate his genre with dexterity and charm. His aggressive delivery on “Good Ones Go To Soon” results in a powerful roar comprising street poetry and storytelling. Besides the great production and astonishing wordplay, Warchief Rasco’s dedication to speak of experiences that push beyond the surface to present an emotionally, physically and mentally liberated artist.

As much as “Good Ones Go To Soon” is filled with pain, it’s also about healing. Tempered by both celebration and struggle, it shows the duality of Warchief Rasco’s world – one that still reflects on the past, but has made leaps towards the future. It’s a testament to the artist’s growth that the track works first and foremost as a personal statement. “Good Ones Go To Soon” is released with this context and finds Warchief Rasco embracing his motivational status to discuss important social issues.

There’s something more mature about Rasco’s sound on here, something more focused and pragmatic about the content he is creating. He is now not just a rapper, he is a man who stands up for what he believes in and uses his platform to express his opinions.

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