Mandalan and So Foreign Productions Launch Campaign For ¿CÓMO SABRÉ? ft. Emarie Video

Mandalan is the music project of Los Angeles-based musician, songwriter and producer James Brennan. He produces a tropical house genre of dance/pop music with a dramatic sound including heavy drums and electronic elements. Together with So Foreign Productions, Mandalan is creating a music video experience for his new dance single ¿CÓMO SABRÉ? ft. Emarie, which you can be part of. On PATREON, they have launched a campaign inviting Patrons to be part of an upcoming official music video for the song. Supporters will receive a digital download of the song along with credits in the music video. They will also

Sofi Maeda – “ASHITA” bursts with sound and energy!

Sofi Maeda was born in Takamatsu, Japan. The alternative pop-punk starlet has been doing music seriously since 2016. She has released the album “You Know Me Well” in 2017 and has followed up with a series of successful singles. She has won singing as well as song contests, and has performed on the Red Square in Moscow, at the festival in Gorky Park, as well as concerts in Depo, Live Stars, San Diego, Glastonbury and many more. This year Sofi has dropped 3 singles so far, including “ASHITA”. If you like Sofi Maeda then you should already have “ASHITA” on

Jona Da King – “Roots Of Love” EP – balancing rhymes, and soulful crooning|

Jona Da King is a hip-hop artist from Toronto, Ontario, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Jona is set to release his EP “Roots Of Love” which is scheduled to drop September 30th 2020. The artist has an eclectic musical palette which is colored by Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, as well as Jazz and Rock tones. We checked out his prime tracks in anticipation of the EP, and if the goal of this release is to make a breakout statement that Jona Da King is getting seriously started, he’s succeeded, delivering some of the smoothest, most mellifluous urban sounds we’ve heard in music

Berani – “Cut And Taste” strikes an incredible balance of disparate elements

Berani is an electronic beat maker with a diverse sound spectrum and a tendency to produce bouncing rhythms or spacious and relaxing aural experiences. In a short time span, this emerging artist out of Byron Bay in Australia, has discerning music fans and casual listeners paying attention. The sound design throughout his latest single “Cut And Taste” is what we’ve come to expect from this creative top tier producer: popping percussion, basslines that melt like butter and a healthy dose of twisted horns to make everything bump in a soul-like fashion. Sprinkled around the track are sonic effects that keep

EsZ – “Liquor & Emotions” – introspective and emotional

Hip-hop has been cranking out bangers and high energy anthems for decades, but the average genre historian is well aware that dark or emotional thoughts on a chill backdrop is not a foreign concept for the game. After all, profound moodiness feels rather natural for a culture that grew out of urban plight and the trauma of purposely disenfranchised people. It makes sense that at least some mellow tunes in the genre, reflect deep-thinking speculation, in what artist EsZ, describes as thoughts on “life, growth and fake friends” in his track “Liquor & Emotions”. The song is a drunk text

Quad – “Love” embellishes each track with his personal revelations

Based in the south of Chicago, Quad started making music when he was around 14 years old and started taking it artistically seriously two years later. He produces, records, mixes and masters, using only a Blue Yeti microphone and FL Studios. So far Quad has written over 300 songs and released 1 EP, 1 Album and 8 singles. Currently training as an audio engineer at SAE University in Chicago, Quad explained that his latest album “Love” describes his personal understanding of the sentiment. The album “Love” was written and recorded over the course of 2 months after Quad was electrocuted

Acemattz & Bipha shine on “Tshanana”

Watching Acemattz & Bipha perform in any of their videos is like watching friends realize they’re onto something big time. They are accomplished rappers individually, on their own terms, and as collaborators, as a unit, their styles gel perfectly. They’re not just comfortable performing together—they are feeding off of each other, refusing to be one-upped, beaming and grinning and head-bobbing as they take turns impressing one another. By the end of each of their performances, their formation into a real show-stopping combination seems inevitable. In the new wave rap scene, there is plenty of talent to go around, Acemattz &

FuzzKill – “The Get Better” reaches all the expected heights!

FuzzKill is a four-piece rock band that started in Boston, MA. Introduced to one another through musical theatre, the band’s sound is firmly rooted in early 2000’s pop-punk influences. They released their debut studio album, “Happen”, in early 2019, and their sophomore album, “The Get Better”, just dropped on September 19th 2020. We have all heard the biggest punk bands of the 90’s and early 00’s. Their music mainly consisted of driving drums, distorted pop-punk guitar work and a set of memorable lyrics to go with the angst-filled high energy vocals. Today punk bands are a rarity, and any good

Dan Friese – ‘Jane Songs’ is something to be treasured!

Dan Friese is an Oregon-based songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist. In April of 2020, he released his debut EP, ‘Happiness’, a collection of self-reflective psychedelic indie-folk tracks. His first full-length effort, ‘Jane Songs’, was released on September 18th, and is available on all major platforms, along with the singles “Streetlight” and “I Can’t Say”. There’s a lot to appreciate on the new album, and Dan’s voice is arguably the most attractive aspect. Moreover, his vocals are often enhanced by inspiring songwriting and raw emotion, not to mention a wealth of down to earth acoustic guitar strumming. Dan Friese has an organic,

INTERVIEW: C.E.N. – the voice of the people

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and currently a resident of Dallas, Texas, C.E.N’s natural proficiency over poetry allowed him to produce meaningful and profound lyrics. Although he initially took the initiative to become a music artist for fame and fortune, he later realized that all he desires as a musician is to be respected and valued for the art he brings to the table. His music is deep lyrically and spiritually. Can you tell us a bit about where you come from and how you got started? C.E.N.: I was born in Oklahoma City, OK, and was raised in a

Donny Richmond Continues #1 Success With “Statue Of A Fool”

Multi-award winning international recording, movie and TV star Donny Richmond is now an inductee of 4 different music Halls of Fame. His recent starring role in the movie, “Saving Faith”, released by media giant Lionsgate Entertainment, earned him a nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film from the International Christian Film Festival. Cameo appearances in the film were made by several of Donny’s fellow artists, including Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, members of Rascal Flatts and The Gatlin Brothers, Olympic skater Scott Hamilton, and many others. Donny is highly respected among his music peers and fans alike, with numerous international chart entries in country, gospel and pop music.

Donny Richmond & Dolly Parton share a laugh during a TV taping

Yet with Donny’s new single, his genius ironically continues to flourish while he is enshrined as a “Statue Of A Fool”. The music video, now seen on YouTube, was filmed in Donny’s native Tennessee, and in Hollywood, California. It incorporates footage of Dolly Parton’s tribute statue, and the Oscar statues located on Hollywood Boulevard. However, the statue of Donny depicts a sad superstar “who let love slip through his hands”.

“Statue Of A Fool” was originally a #1 country hit for Jack Greene in 1969. Ricky Van Shelton revived the song in 1989/90, taking it to #2 in the U.S. and #1 in Canada. And now, Donny’s version – newly released, and available on iTunes, is said by music industry insiders to be the most dramatic and captivating rendition to date.

In March 2020, Donny’s version has DEBUTED (first week out, International Airplay Express Charts) at #1 on BOTH the multi genre POP Charts AND the traditional COUNTRY Charts. These Charts have never had a DOUBLE DEBUT at #1 before!! And Donny’s “Statue” has reached #1 on Google Play as far away as South Africa. Known for his super strong vocals and extraordinary range, Donny has certainly lived up to his reputation with this one.

Initially, hearers of this recording speculated that this was perhaps one of Elvis Presley’s lost recordings from the 1970’s, with a new, modern instrumental backing. But we are told that this recording is by the one and only Donny Richmond. It is, however, interesting to note several similarities between Elvis and Donny. Like Elvis, it has now been established that Donny Richmond is a “natural actor”.

Donny inducted to Country Gospel Hall of Fame by Pres. Billy Hale (Branson, MO)

A new movie role and new TV series are in the works for this amazingly versatile performer. Donny’s career took off in the 1990’s, approximately 15 years after the beloved Elvis Presley forever “left the building”. Of course, Elvis’ popularity has never waned, and in 2015 Donny sang what was called “the ultimate Elvis salute”, in a song written by Donny and David Walker of Nashville, entitled “The World Keeps Loving Elvis”.

This recording featured the largest collection of Elvis Presley’s musicians ever to back up a singer with a different name than Elvis Presley. For the video, which can be seen on YouTube, Donny wore a suit and jewelry known to have been owned by Elvis Presley, and used one of Elvis’ Cadillac cars. All of the famed musicians are seen performing in the song video.

Donny Richmond is perhaps known mostly for gospel music, although his songs have also shown up for over two decades in various international country and pop charts. Another interesting similarity of Elvis to Donny is that Elvis, although he was known as “the king of rock’n’roll”, stated that his favorite music was actually gospel.

Donny’s successes in this field have produced a long list of awards including Artist Of The Decade, Entertainer Of The Decade, The Living Legend Award, and numerous accolades for categories including Male Vocalist Of the Year, Songwriter, Producer, and Top TV Host.

Amy Grant (L) and Vince Gill (R) make cameo appearances in “Saving Faith” movie, starring Donny Richmond

In addition to its #1 status on various international charts, Donny’s new “Statue Of A Fool” single has reached #6 on the MPE Pop/AC Charts for its U.K. and Ireland release, and is climbing the European Hotdisc Country Top 20 during its first week of availability.

Other activity includes the song’s current rise on the Australian Country Airplay Charts, the Ramgatie European Charts, and its release in the U.S. in late March, 2020. To accompany Donny’s release, an outstanding new line dance, entitled “The Statue”, has been written by renowned U.K. choreographer, Gaye Teather.  Download Free “Statue” Line Dance Stepsheet Here (Cool Dance, Easily Learned!)

Donny Richmond is coming on strong. During the past year alone, Donny has enjoyed NINE #1 CHART HITS on the international Airplay Express Charts, representing various parts of the world. With his new movie and TV series in the works, Donny Richmond’s career is soaring. His beautiful new rendition of “Statue Of A Fool” is catching on big time. Hey! – maybe Donny’s not such a “fool” after all!

Connect with Donny Richmond at his WEBSITE and on FACEBOOK

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