Speranța Moraru – Her subtle phrasing has levels of touch that is marvelous to hear

Speranța Moraru is a composer and pianist, who composes music for solo piano in classical and classical crossover genre. She was born in the Republic of Moldova, and now resides in London. Her father an engineer, her mother a college maths teacher, at eight years old, she went to study piano professionally at a conservatoire. Fluent in Russian, Romanian and English, started composing music at the age of nine, with her biggest influences coming from Frederic Chopin’s melancholic and melodic style. Speranța Moraru – whose name ‘’Speranța’’ means Hope – is an independent musician who is currently working on her first piano album, which will be released by the end of 2020.

Speranța Moraru has a collection of singles up on Spotify that are absolutely charming. The sound is amazingly intimate and every note is there to be cherished. Now, as a showcase of this pianist’s artistry, this is an excellent collection. It now seems to be a great time for women pianists; and it is not only their mesmerizing beauty but their technique and sensitivity that captures attention. Lovely to look at, and beautiful to listen to.

There is lots of sensitive playing here, some will probably think it is too much of a good thing, but again, this goes with the performance chops of this excellent pianist. Her playing is extra-sensitive and delicate when called for, and unlike some of her peers, she never seems to overindulge.

The cascades of notes in “Sound of my Soul”, the mystery of the quieter passages in “Night and Woe”, the contrasting majesty of the forte passages in “Le Vicomte Waltz”, which was inspired by the Palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte and the Palace of Fontainebleau in France, and the sheer sensitive beauty of the “Heartbeat of Midnight”, all alert us to a greatly superior artist, a true master of elegant pianoforte gestures.

There is a liquidity to Speranța Moraru’s phrasing, a very subtle gradation of levels of touch that is marvelous to hear. Subtle bittersweet contrasts play ever so readily in the act of her performances. Her magical spell, her sound and sensibility, her rare feel, at once fascinating are deeply channeled through human sentiment. The syntax of her phrasing flows so fluidly, so naturally that she is the epitome of the Frederic Chopin type of musical poetry.

There are passages in “Heartbeat of Midnight” that seem as if Speranța is recollecting the music from deep inside her memory. Then there are others, for example on “Night and Woe”, which seem like a presence that is palpable and propelling.

Her tone-painting in the minutest of details is exquisitely engaging: listen to how she opts for harmonically resonant notes and a crystal clear touch on “Sound of my Soul”. The scent of saddened poignancy has rarely felt so warm and empathetic.

Whichever of these songs Speranța Moraru plays, her style is cohesively apparent: delicate phrasing, great concentration, and outwardly emotions propelled by graceful expressivity. This is music you’ll find yourself appreciating the more effort you take to listen carefully.



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