DEEPSYSTEM – “Insomnia” – lifting your spirits, driving your passion, and keeping the party going!

The magic of DEEPSYSTEM is that his music is 100% pure fun. In Europe DEEPSYSTEM owns the Dance, Reggaeton, Latin Trap, and Urbano Latino space. Every song is destined to capture the many moods you go through when you are dancing the night away. Lyrically DEEPSYSTEM mostly bases his songs on desire. And who doesn’t have a ton of desires when they go to the club? When we plan a night of dance, we have a whole lot of determined desires, or maybe we just have that special lady to make our own. DEEPSYSTEM’s latest single “Insomnia” caters to both. It feels ready-made for sensual dancing at the club, and for those moments late at night when you can’t fall asleep thinking of your girl.

So if you want to get sensual, fall in love, and leave on a high note, just stick “Insomnia” onto your playlist and press play. The track starts big, with an early declaration of fulfillment: “We make love night and day. I feel that I’ve won the lottery.” The beat is a mixture of lustful, sexy, and steady, in heating up a rhythm between two partners. “When you dance. How you move. How you have me. How dare you,” sings DEEPSYSTEM, as his personality leaps from the speakers.

Socoliuc Andrei Marian aka DEEPSYSTEM

You’ll love this track because it is pure in its intent and delivery: just passion, desire and dance. In addition, “Insomnia” is completely made for those wanting to dance with someone. It ignites a wave of hip movements that will get you noticed. Let’s cut right to the chase. DEEPSYSTEM is an artist whose primary concern is lifting your spirits, driving your passion, and keeping the party going.

As we head deeper into the unknown of this COVID-19 pandemic, spirits have understandably been down. Clubs are closed, and parties have come to a halt. All throughout this, DEEPSYSTEM remains a consistent bright ball of energy on the Latino-inspired music scene. He delivers exactly how you’d expect on “Insomnia”. His mix of mid-tempo rhythm, a warm vocal glow, and passionate lyrics will go down well everywhere, serving the insatiable global appetite for Latino-styled dance grooves.

To find some form of happiness in-between the social distancing and self-quarantining. What better way to brighten up your world than a bit of Urbano Latino and Reggaetón like “Insomnia” that’s bursting with the catchiest rhythm and melody. Written by Socoliuc Andrei Marian and orchestrated by Shot Records, this song will have you connect with the sound of its tropical keys and swinging percussion, within the first few seconds.

The video for “Insomnia” – Directed by Andrei Lesan and Produced by REDCON PICTURES – couldn’t have come at a better time, supplying the passion and the feeling of wanting to be together. Composed, cool, slightly dashing, and unafraid of indulging in his romantic side, DEEPSYSTEM ties his irresistible charisma to another buoyant beat on “Insomnia”. Hopefully this sensual tune that sears itself into your brain on impact, will keep you from getting the blues during any lockdown.

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