Sara Laine – “Let Love Die” achieves a captivating balance

Sara Laine is a San Francisco Bay Area singer and recording artist. Sara started singing and songwriting on her acoustic guitar at an early age. Her music crosses over from Rock into Country, Americana, R&B and Funk. Her latest single, “Let Love Die” was released on the 23rd of July, and features Robert Powell (guitar/producer), Susie Davis (backing vocals), and Ed Berman (drums). The track was mixed and mastered by engineer and drummer/percussionist Celso Alberti. It’s interesting to note that Robert Powell has performed and recorded for various artists, including Jackson Browne, John Lee Hooker, and Peter Gabriel, while Susie Davis has toured with the likes of Mick Jagger, Pat Benatar, Sheila E., Daryl Hall, Prince, and Van Morrison.

“Let Love Die” is vocally extremely conversational, in the sense that Sara Laine sings to ensure each word is articulated and heard. This type of melodic song lends itself to many tastes and it adorns the nature of its steady rock rhythm with sweet harmony and a somber narrative. It achieves a captivating balance of this expressive style, while adding plenty of shimmering guitar motifs to the beat.

“This is the morning after of our doom. Memories fly like darts across the room. When you’ve breathed your final sigh. There comes a time to let love die. When all your tears run dry. There comes a time to let love die,” sings Sara Laine in the opening lines. There is no denying, Sara has a lovely voice, and is able to elaborate a gripping tale, of when we need to let go of a relationship.

Many musicians like to say their work is deeply honest and introspective but Sara Laine may have taken that a step further in her new, impressive single, “Let Love Die”. Sara is brimming with performance confidence and uses her immensely appealing voice on a very strong song.

It captures an artist in full emotional and musical flight. In the wrong hands a song like this could become overwrought and totally melodramatic, but Sara finds the perfect balance between bitterness and liberation, in both the lyrical content and her performance.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else breathing so much life into the track, while still showing off careful vocal control and sublime understatement. With “Let Love Die”, Sara Laine has put together a track that could easily be one of her best works.

“Let Love Die” feels like a huge statement from a songstress who is ready to take things to a whole new level. Instead of chasing whatever sounds the mainstream has, we find Sara Laine in contemplative mid-tempo rock balladeer mode, and this is truly where she and her distinctive vocals shine.

“Let Love Die” also showcases the singer’s sharp songwriting pen. As an independent artist with a completely free reign, Sara Laine has outdone herself with flawless vocals and a captivating track.


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