The British artist and filmmaker Phoenix Melville signs up with Spotify

The British artist and filmmaker Phoenix Melville signed up for a collaboration with Swedish audio streaming and media services, Spotify. The polymath artist creates movies and artwork that explore the metaphysical. As a filmmaker, he is influenced by films like Inception, A Clockwork Orange, The Matrix and 2001: A Space Odyssey. His work has been featured in the MOMA and LA Times.

The partnership developed after Melville’s Interview with Jeff Bezos owned Washington Mail was trending in the US-Capital. “The solution for this never-ending collective madness – it will only end when the separation between religion, gender, colour, nationalism etc. are not anymore part of society’s education system,” states British Film Director Phoenix Melville in our Interview.

Despite openly being a Zionist and having met figures such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the filmmaker who travelled to extreme regions as Chernobyl in Ukraine or the Gaza Strip, underlines the importance of a mutual understanding. ( The podcast provides listeners with philosophical thoughts on the art world. It not only discusses art, but also incorporates meditation to give listeners a more spiritual experience.

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