3Mind Blight – “Letting Go” provides a high-octane thrill!

Many bands often say, when promoting their latest releases, that their new sound simply improves upon the work that came before. They say they made their heavy stuff even heavier, the dark stuff darker, and the melodic stuff even more melodic. In the case of “Letting Go”, this is exactly what the award-winning solo project 3Mind Blight has done, and he has done it to perfection. In an era where countless sound-alike rock and metal bands are rolling off corporate industry, assembly line music, 3Mind Blight has established himself, as one of the few artists carving out his own lane.

Too many artists try to reinvent their sound and end up destroying what they have. 3Mind Blight sticks to his trademark sound and then takes you into another realm just the same. “Letting Go” provides a high-octane thrill, as 3Mind Blight remains one of the most distinctive singers in independent modern rock. On this track his vocals are expressive, dramatic, and powerful.  Opening in a slow brooding mode, the song builds into a bundle of explosive energy.

The song becomes an excellent melting pot of chugging rhythm, slamming drums and shredding guitars. The six-string grit and abrasive, soaring vocals, are a chemical balance that resonates perfectly.

It allows “Letting Go” to ignite into a paroxysm of lightning guitar strikes and a menacing atmosphere, as 3Mind Blight sings: “They’ve taken the pieces that make me who I am. Broken, defeated and living in my sin. I’m letting go of everything I’ve ever known. I’m letting go of everything I’ve ever shown.”

There can be no doubt that “Letting Go” is a masterful work that is irresistibly listenable. The song unfolds like a symphonic movement that blooms with increasingly complexity and intensity before resolving into moments of sublime beauty, and then exploding into thundering metal crunch.

All told, the song is stunning in scope and magnificence. It mixes the darker sound of early ‘90s alt-rock with progressive metal ambition to forge a unique sound that should resonate with a huge swathe of the population. It’s a compositional foundation 3Mind Blight has rarely veered from, when he is wearing his metal hat, it is primed to whip fans into a frenzy.

3Mind Blight’s awareness of style, in music as well as words, paired with his brilliant writing skill have led to having songs in which even lyrics contribute significantly to the sound and ambience. They lend as much to the meaning, imagery and motifs as they do to acoustics and phonology.

What accentuates and glosses the lyrics, is 3Mind Blight’s singing prowess. He does not simply sing the words; he vocalizes every one of them with such an effective charge that the listener gets moved by his emotional force.

The singing on “Letting Go” captures and reflects this essence best; it is a rich combination of affecting words and 3Mind Blight’s singing aptitude. In all aspects, musicianship, vocal delivery, the art of lyricism, and the cover artwork, this single has plenty to offer.


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