Wiesinger – “All My Friends” is an excellent example of his vocal talent

Wiesinger’s new single “All My Friends” is an excellent example of his vocal talent. The guy has great vocals, and can write songs both heartfelt and witty – he knows how to put himself out there!

This guy has always been amongst the favorite musicians. He’s so talented and humble, which makes him an all-around great guy! If you haven’t checked out his new song “All My Friends” yet then check it out because it will change your perspective on what music can do for someone else in their life.

All About the Song- All My Friends

Some songs and singers are born to inspire you and so, Wiesinger’s song All My Friends is a beautiful curation of cleverly chosen words and fabulous beats that are set to make you forget all about the bad times.

For this song, Wiesinger teamed up with his super talented friend, Bethany to be inspired by their mutual friend Caris and how she moved through tough times, waiting to reunite with her husband.

But this isn’t a story just about Caris. There are a hundred stories like her, of people who are struggling to meet their loved ones, a story about loneliness and fighting tears, and how one needs just single support to drag them out of the darkness.

Wiesinger and Bethany saw their friend struggle through the time when she cried to sleep numerous nights and just wanted things to get better. They offered her support and motivated her to live through the tough times because, at the end of the dark tunnel, there always is light!

This song is here to inspire everyone who is struggling! All My Friends talks about everyone and everyone who has been waiting for their family to unite and form the missing bond. The song is original, unique, and special in every way.

It has some catchy beats with thoughtful lyrics, all of which add up to make a beautiful melody that excites you from the inside while motivating you to live on!

Wiesinger is a magician in his way, creating magic with his words, his beats, and his performance. And because of his personality and charisma, he has been able to attain a huge fan following in a short time!

Inspire and Be Inspired

This aspiring singer knows the obstacles one faces through time. He has struggled in life and seen people around him struggle too. Yet all one needs in times like these are a few words of encouragement and that is exactly what this song delivers.

The song itself is brilliant, super catchy, and attractive. Once you hear it, it’ll be on your playlist for a long until you finally get bored of hearing it. Yes, it is real and hooking and so, if it has gotten you excited, you can stream it on all streaming sites now!

Listen now on all streaming platforms.

‘All My Friends’ By Wiesinger Out Now: zez.am/justinwiesinger

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