The Used Notes – “Quiet Revolution” comes complete with sterling production and a master class in melody

In an age of endless segues, guest spots from your favorite rapper and interminable filler swelling running times, there is something to be said for a track that breezes in, beguiles you and departs, leaving you wanting more. This exactly what happens with the track “Quiet Revolution” by the Kent (England) based band, The Used Notes. This faceless mystery project has been turning out powerful and immersive, multi-genre music for few years now. With vocals to make you swoon, an unbelievably soulful sound that comes from the gut and isn’t contrived, The Used Notes has to be applauded for blending retro soul vocals flavors with modern alternative-pop sonics. The resulting aesthetic is both ear-warming and sharply urgent in its approach.

“Quiet Revolution” breezes by with tight musicianship, perfect production and fully engaged vocals, yet rises up and demands to be noticed with its intense delivery. The Used Notes wear their love for rocking soul music on their sleeve as they drive through this track with vigor, affection and professionalism. They seem to have no limits to their crisp musical slant, shaking out with a banging drumbeat, throbbing piano lines and sweeping horns.

Listening to “Quiet Revolution” is a bit like stepping into a time machine and setting the controls back to a previous era…but only with one foot, as the other foot remains firmly in the here and now. It’s a sound that’s captivating and compelling, soothing and yet vibrantly dynamic, conveyed without any hint of posture or pretense. Few acts generate as much exuberance and enthusiasm as The Used Notes do here. The project offers yet another ideal example, of a breathtaking song that reflects their usual combination of inspiration and groove.

“It’s the quiet revolution. Very few see it, nobody hears a sound. It’s a quiet revolution. You won’t be aware of exactly what’s going down. Love and war and weapons of massive change. Causing minds to constantly rearrange. Thoughts of power to people not yet confirmed. With knowledge and wisdom nobody chose to learn,” recites the opening lines. Over and above the message, The Used Notes have created ten a beguiling slice, of the kind of music that defined an era and birthed pretty much everything we hear today.

The magic ingredient here is the voice that pours from the speakers. The songwriting fuels the soulful vocals, so together the pitch perfect production creates an air of authenticity that allows the whole arrangement to blossom and thrive. From the moment the percussion sets in and the vocals launch into a cry, you know you’re in good hands. The voice at once bristles with a powerful tone, and is full of character.

“Quiet Revolution” jumps and bounds in forward motion, and comes complete with some sterling production and a master class in melody. It is delivered with such style and conviction it’s impossible not to be left thoroughly charmed. In these deeply troubling times when its become almost impossible to make your voice heard, The Used Notes shows us that that you can carry out a “Quiet Revolution”.


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