Dylan Tauber – “He Loves Carmen” showcases his incredible dynamic production talents

Dylan Tauber is emerging as one of the most exciting, consistent and cerebral electronic producers in the game. Crossing every digitally created genre, into an indescribable dream of colorful electronica, Tauber’s music dips and bleeds into ambient, chill, lounge, trance, electro, as well as deep melodic house. What the long-standing producer has done with his exquisite electronic confections is nothing short of captivating and intentionally all embracing. Dylan Tauber is an award winning electronic musician, cyber-artist, photographer, and author, whom after graduating from Columbia University in 1996, has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the southwestern Pacific, and now a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence.

Dylan Tauber has been producing music, artwork, and writing since he began his prolific 25-year career in 1996. Now on his fourteenth album release, via his own Son of Waves Studios music label, Dylan also runs a network of 22 websites, which include an online imaging photo gallery, and a video archive.

His latest album release, inspired by his girlfriend, is entitled, “He Loves Carmen”. Across the 14-track duration of the recording, there is a lot going on, a lot to consume and it’s an absorbing listen in a lot of places.

The album begins with progressively warm and atmospheric grandeur on “You Are Never Alone”, which then transforms into cinematic synths and mesmerizing choral nuances on “Love Is All That Exists”. The vocal interludes become more expansive on the track, “I Love Carmen”. Together these three opening tracks encapsulate the flavor of Dylan Tauber music perfectly, with varied mellifluous elements weaving into each other.

“Don’t Tell Me” rides on a distinct momentum-pushing beat, with throbbing basslines and shimmering synths. Dylan Tauber has consciously switched up his sound so as to continue to be fresh, and the end result is a beautiful blend of sounds and rhythms.

“Soulmate”, “I Love You” and “Let It Go” are certainly among the album’s highlights. It is a joy to hear the rhythmic sweet spots in these tracks, which are built on solid, hard-hitting beat foundations. They all have great structural progressions and convey emotion through synthetic instrumentation beautifully.

Next, comes the absorbing bass driven bounce of “I Am A Mirror”, followed by the twisting synths and vocals, along with the skittering hi-hats on “All I Want Is You”. This bring us to the pop sounding and radio-ready standout anthem, “Light Warrior”.

The unadulterated instrumental musical interludes of “The Sky Is Alive” and “There Are Angels Everywhere” really showcases the incredible dynamic production talents of Dylan Tauber in painting vibrant cinematic pictures through his sound.

“I Miss You” is more downtempo and runs hypnotically deeper with it’s repeating vocal hook, before going spectral and even more trance-inducing, on the mesmeric “I Love My Father”. Overall, “He Loves Carmen” is a gorgeous album – in both its ambition, and its high production level.

The release of this album release proves Tauber is a producer who cares about maintaining his creative process, and the undisputed quality of this work indicates that he is exceling at it. “He Loves Carmen” has a high replayability, and with further listens, more nuanced touches are revealed. The continuing evolution of Dylan Tauber’s sound is a delight to behold.


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